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Best Comedy Duos


Konnichiwa minna-san !!

I am here with my first blog and since its my first, I thought to introduce a countdown for my most hilariousduos. Before that, you must have come across these two phrases a lot, ” Laughter is the best medicine ” and ” Two are better than one “. These two phrases fits perfectly with my blog for today since I’ll be mentioning the comedy combos of two people who made me laugh till my stomach started aching. Its pretty common to see a single person making some interesting jokes to lit the moments in a comedy genre anime.

But if we try to put two person for that role, its pretty risky since following a comedy skit between two people needs a lot of focussing on each and every statement to make them worth calling funny, so in order to do that we always need those two people who know each other quite well, share a long history, or has the best chemistry with each other. If things doesn’t follows like this, then forget about laughing, the scene turns out to be a joke and gets ruined. So, I’ll be choosing my duos on the basis of, their total involvement in the series, their chemistry with each other, and how well they use their jokes in a particular situation. Well I am not familiar with much, so if you think I missed someone, you can tell me in the comment section. So lets start with our entries…



[ sᴀɪᴋɪ ᴋᴜsᴜᴏ ɴᴏ ψ-ɴᴀɴ ]

I guess you must have heard about this anime, it came out last year and surely is one of the best comedy anime of all time. Almost all the characters in this series gave us a good time, but out of all of them, I specially liked the combo of Saiki and Kusuo. As a reminder, you may know that saiki had psychic powers which allowed him to perform many supernatural phenomenon, Telepathy was one of them ( the power to read mind ), but in the whole world, only bugs and Nendou were the only ones whose mind and movement he can’t predict, most likely its because there mind is empty. Well Nendou is a total idiot afterall, he doesn’t knows how to act on a particular situation but acts according to his own impulse. The way how he turns a serious situation by saying ” Lets go to eat ramen pal “, this really shows how much carefree and idiot he can be. Nendou’s stupid and unpredictable behaviour, with Saiki’s comments on his action, makes them one of the best duos of all time. Nendou has a twisted personality, despite being strong he doesn’t bullies anyone, even though he is broke, he treats his pal to ramen, even though he is stupid, still he says some good stuffs. So we can easily see that his personality has a lot of phases where he acts seriously only when the problems are related to his friends or family. Thats one reason why Nendou had a great personality developmnt in the entire series and that made him in a good sync with Saiki’s who is quite opposite of that. Nendou is always the last person Saiki wants to see each day, but somehow god favours Nendou more and makes a faithful encounter between those two always leading to some funny moment. At first I was thinking of putting Nendou and Kaido coz there duo was not half bad either, but seeing that they got a little less screentime, I favour Nendou and Saiki. Overall, these two gave me a good time while watching the series with Nendou’s jokes and Saiki’s comments, and I hope you all think the same.



[ ᴋᴜʀᴏᴋᴏ ɴᴏ ʙᴀsᴋᴇᴛ ]

Next we have the sixth phantom member of the generation of miracles, Kuroko Tetsuya and the American street basketball player Kagami Taiga. The first impression of these two for each other at the beginning didn’t seemed to mix quite well, but after analyzing the style they played individually, destiny started its motion with these two as the center of attention. There are many reasons why I chose Kagami and Kuroko, the first reason is there compatibility with each other. Both of them seem quite opposite, one is too strong and another one is too weak, Kagami can easily pick on Kuroko which he sometimes does, but he feels guilty in toying with kids which makes Kuroko loose his temper of being called kid. Next thing is, Kagami looses his temper pretty easily if taunted or insulted showing how much hot blooded he is, where Kuroko on the other hand stays cool, calm and collected. Even if someone gets on his nerves, he pays them back by defeating them with his style in the game of basketball. But those scenes really are interesting when Kuroko tries to calm Kagami by inflicting more pain which may result in infuriating him more, but listening to his logic always cools his temper. One of the best moments where they display a good combo of comedy when Kuroko always comes closer to Kagami without him even noticing resulting in a terrfied reaction from Kagami. Haha you can’t blame him coz if someone shows themselves suddenly infront of me, i’ll be jumping up my heel too. As you all know that Kuroko has almost no presence so people mostly don’t notice him by accident, but using this ability he has achieved some pretty big goals and created legends. Lastly I wanted to say that these two have a pretty big difference in skills, but once they are together, even if its a game of basketball or a comedy skit, they turn out to be pretty formidable foe. There chemistry is what allowed me to add them to my list.



[ ɢɪɴᴛᴀᴍᴀ ]

Lets move towards are loyal dogs of Shinsengumi, the Mayonaise king Hijikata and the sister’s boy Sougo. Both of them are rivals since they were born, if one is cat, another one is dog. Both of them can’t stand to see each others face which turns out to be quite a scene for us. Hijikata and Sougo shared quite a history together, their rivalry started coz of Sougo’s sister who started to like Hijikata resulting Sougo to always keep his guard up around his so that Hijikata never tries anything with his sister. After that both of them moved to become true samurai and joined the shinsengumi with Hijikata at a higher post then him. Well if Hijikata wants, he can use his authority to take advantage by bullying poor Sougo, but despite his innocent looks Sougo isn’t that clueless with this stuff and always turns out to be the dominator. Its hard to ignore his jokes even though he says that with a serious face, but the way how Hijikata responds back with a surprised, angry or shocked expression which makes the scenes hilarious. Since an anime like Ginatama where even a stranger can bring up a good joke with one of our main characters, so it may get pretty hard to choose which one is your favourite. But since i’ve started watching Gintama just a few weeks ago, I cannot forget how much I enjoy whenever there is an episode about those two. Both of them has something which seems pretty much impossible. First there is Hijikata’s love to mayonaise. I really don’t know what inspired him to love mayonaise this much that he uses it as a spice in every dish. From tea, pizza, icecream to everything, the quantity is like 60:40 where 60 % is mayonaise and 40 % his other side dishes. On the other hand, Sougo surprises me with his anywhere, anytime Bazooka. Its hard to guess where he keeps that launcher, but doesn’t hesitates to fire at Hijikata if gets pissed. Overall, both of them are the type who won’t feel sad if the other one dies. But that doesn’t mean that before death, they’ll leave each others side.



[ ɴᴀʀᴜᴛᴏ / ɴᴀʀᴜᴛᴏ sʜɪᴘᴘᴜᴅᴇɴ / ʙᴏʀᴜᴛᴏ ]

Lets introduce our next duo! The copycat ninja, Kakashi Hatake and the noble red beast of the hidden leaf, Might Guy. Its really hard to believe when you see the above gif that these two are one of the most feared ninja among the give great nations, especially Kakashi. Both of them studied together in the academy, though they were on different teams, Guy still considered Kakashi as a worthy rival and never stopped talking about defeating him. Guy speciality is his Taijutsu which is undoubtedly powerful among any of the other ninjas and Kakashi on his Sharingan and his skills far beyond other domains. Guy never really thought of achieving his dream but quite accomplished it while being in Kakashi’s company. Kakashi and Guy always bring up something interesting whenever they meet, mostly Guy starts the convo with high spirts and energy, Kakashi juat playa along with it with a drowsy personality coz he knows whats coming. Both of them not only get along in making people laugh, but also in making people bleed and die. Don’t forget we are talking about the deadly duo of Kakashi and Guy who have taken down many anime when work together in a team. I like Kakashi at times when he is having fun with Guy coz he also went through a lot in the past, and even if its not my wish, Guy will do something coz he always tries to cheer Kakashi up whenever he is feeling down by telling that he will take number one place if he gets his guard down. There was never a time when they both had to fight each other, this shows that is Hijikata and Sougo are like cats and dogs, Kakashi and Guy are like two peas in a pod. Ofc I am talking about there peraonality right now coz I think both of them have the same goal and same motive in their life with no ill intentions. Guy and Kakashi really deserve the title of the Comrade Combo who fight as one and win as one. Well this all seem pretty serious stuff but it doesn’t looks that way when you see them acting like kids and playing rock paper scissors XD. Overall, I am glad to see my favourite male character got a really good friend he could rely on and have fun with when its necessary.



[ ᴋᴏɴᴏsᴜʙᴀ ]

Lastly lets meet the self proclaimed goddess Aqua and a shut in NEET otaku Kazuma. Both of them don’t have not many things in common, leave many things! they don’t have anything in common. One thing is that they both are were stuck in the fantasy world coz of their own stupidity. When I first saw Aqua, whe seem pretty gentle, full of wisdom, beautiful and a person of the title of goddess. Well it didn’t turned out that way accept the beautiful part. From the beginning when they entered the fantasy world, it was clear that she is going to cause a lot of trouble for Kazuma and thats what happens all the time. Whatever she does, always invites trouble and in the end Kazuma and gang had to do all the heavy lifting work. As her Adventurer card suggests, she has power but beside that, everything is below average which makes sense. Means she tries to help but somehow causes trouble for others. And then we have Kazuma tries not to get in trouble but somehow trouble always finds him seeking revenge. Being confident only in his luck is not a good way to live a life of an adventurer, but somehow he always thinks of something and saves his sorry ass. Aqua and Kazuma both have a dream, one wants to defeat the demon king while the other one wants to get back to heavens. In either case they don’t care about each others wish. But it doesn’t seem possible with their current financial conditions. Here Kazuma tries to save one penny so that he can clear all the depts Aqua forced on all of them, and here she keeps increasing the interest of depts by causing more trouble. Damn! she is really hopeless, but I guess that’s how we like to see her. I like those moments when she brags about being goddess all the time and when she finds herself in trouble, she comes back running back calling for Kazuma in a polite way crying and clinging over him, not to mention it sounds more funny when Kazuma comments on her state in a pitiful way. Overall, these two had a big involvement in the success of the series so I really wanna see more of there duo in the future.

✦ Some Honourable Mentions ✦

• Gray & Natsu – Fairy Tail

• Zapp & Chain – Kekkai Sensen

• Goku & Vegeta – Dragon Ball Series

• Kashima & Hori – Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki kun

• Kobayashi & Tooru – Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

• Amakusa & Tsuda – Seitokai Yakuindomo

Well these were some of the Duos that made me smile each and every second. I am not much familiar with series where we get to see some cool and comical performances by two funny characters so I really wish if you’ll share your favourites with me. Well this was all for today. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Thanks for visiting and have a good day/night.

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Source :: [ My account on Anime Amino ]


[ NOTE ]

” All images and gifs used in the above post are obtained via searching through the internet. I have no claim or right to them.The credit for that goes to the original owners. If I use any external content, I will always exhibit the link “

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  1. Thanks for dropping by to like and follow my blog. I’m afraid I’m not an anime type (I leave that to my teenage grandson who is anime crazy) I did have a chuckle at your scenarios though (having spent many hours around his viewing). Good luck on your blog, may it be great fun and reward you with many “anime followers” xxx

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