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Eromanga Sensei

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Hello guyz! I am back again with another review on one of my favourite genre of drama, Eromanga Sensei. It has Ero- but it isn’t ecchi, it has mild nudity, but it isn’t hentai… Thats Eromanga sensei for ya •^• Well I was recommended this anime a while back and started watching it yesterday, I had fun watching it so I decided to share my thoughts with you all. Now then, lets start with some general Info…


❀General Info❀

English Title- Eromanga-sensei

Japanese Title- エロマンガ先生

Status- Finished

Airing Date- Apr 09, 2017 to Jun 25, 2017

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Source- Light Novel

Producers- Aniplex, Movic, BS11

Studios- A-1 Pictures

Genres- Comedy, Drama, Romance



• ──── ✾ ──── •

One year ago, Sagiri Izumi became step-siblings with Masamune Izumi. But the sudden death of their parents tears their new family apart, resulting in Sagiri becoming a shut-in which cut her off from her brother and society. While caring for what’s left of his family, Masamune earns a living as a published light novel author with one small problem: he’s never actually met his acclaimed illustrator, Eromanga-sensei, infamous for drawing the most lewd erotica. Through an embarrassing chain of events, he learns that his very own little sister was his partner the whole time! As new characters and challenges appear, Masamune and Sagiri must now face the light novel industry together. Eromanga-Senseifollows the development of their relationship and their struggle to become successful; and as Sagiri slowly grows out of her shell, just how long will she be able to hide her true persona from the rest of the world?

Source:- [myanimelist ]


• ──── ✾ ──── •

Eromanga sensei focuses on Masamune Izumi, a light novel author who has a dream of publishing the best novels and become the greatest author. He was not interested in becoming one, but after his mother passed away, he use to fantasy stories taking himself as the main protagonist, although there were not much readers for his first issue, but a girl took interest in his stories and asked him to keep writing, that girl was no one but Sagiri Izumi, Masamune’s future little sister. I guess thanks to her appreciation, he decided to write more and become a popular author.

At the moment when Izumi is all grown up, he continues to write his light novels but never had a chance to meet with his illustrator with the name Eromanga Sensei. Soon after a while when Sagiri came to live at his house as his little sister, she lost her mother after a while, that moment kept her in a trauma and since then she decided to never set foot out of her room. When the story continues, this secret is revealed that Sagiri is actually Eromanga Sensei and Masamune’s illustrator, thats where things starts to get more interesting. Now as time by, its Masamune’s responsibility to take care of his sister and illustrator as well as make her work worth to the public by writing interesting mangas.




• ──── ✾ ──── •

Izumi Masamune is our main protagonist whose dream is to become an aspiring novelist and watch the anime version of his light novel with his little sister. When he was in middle school, he won a light novel writing contest which he wanted to escalate to a huge publish and decided to keep writing. Despite of being a little hopeless, he is pretty hardworking and responsible when it comes in taking care of his little sister, Sagiri. Even though she ignored her at the start and didn’t wanted to talk to her, he still kept his cool and did all his laundry work to making breakfast and dinner.

Even though he works hard to show best results in his writing, most of the time it doesn’t comes as good as expected which saddens him and this results to lower down his confidence. The thing I like the most about him is his determination and motivation of working hard and never giving up. He does a lot mistakes, gets scolded by his little sister on silly reasons for acting like a caring brother, but still, he never loses his cool and cares about her and his friends. Overall, Masamune was a great character I get to study, even though his motives are good, his sister takes him for a pervert and gets scolded for no reason.



• ──── ✾ ──── •

Next we have Izumi Sagiri, she is the cute and adorable little sister of Masamune. I like her personality a lot, maybe its coz the way when she tries to deny that she isn’t Eromanga sensei since she is very shy and gets embarrassed pretty easily. She had a bad trauma at the time when she lost her mother, since then she never came out of her room. She prefers to order her food and snacks by thumping on the floor and gets pretty angry if her brother forgets about it. Sagiri was always interested in making drawings, she may look shy and talk with a really tone voice infront of her brother, but when she does a live art wearing a mask, she is pretty lively and full of energy.

Each of her art is inspired from something or someone, she can’t draw or visualize things she haven’t seen before, so sometimes she uses herself as a model or asks her brother to bring someone for her new art creation. Now this is the moment I love to see her the most, all perverted and itching to take clothes off of her model, the erotic look in her eyes while looking at other girls underwear.. That look surely shows a new side of her. Well overall, Sagiri has the same dream as Masamune, that is watching the anime version of their published novel, and for that she is ready to do anything for his big brother, not to mention she is way too protective for him. She gets jealous whenever some other girl appraches him.



• ──── ✾ ──── •

Yamada Elf is yet another author who took interest in writing novels after graduating from elementary school. She became the best selling author after publishing some really interesting novels and ofc that novel was promoted for an anime show. When I first saw her, she looked like those girls from wealthy background all dressed like a goth loli from top to bottom. She seemed pretty much devoted to her work, but when there was a face off against her and Masamune, we get to see her lazy side. She proves to be of the type who finishes her work at the last moment which seems pretty hard, but despite her character she does have talent in writing.

She is pretty arrogant and loses her temper when someone says stupid about her skills. I really like her tsundere side but hate it when she looks down on others, well she has a lot of confidence in her work and does her best to live up to her words. She wanted Eromanga sensei to work as her illustrator but was rejected coz of many reasons. Well overall she does have a nice way of handling a conversation and often acknoledges others work if they have performed good, she helped out Masamune to improve his writing skills, so she has a good side too behind that tsundere personality, not to mention that she was in love with him too.



• ──── ✾ ──── •

Finally we move towards our last main focus of this anime, and that is Muramasa. When I saw her the first time, she looked all shy, innocent and flustered, but once we come to know her true identity, It was revealed that she wrote a novel which made more sales compared to Yamada Elf and acted a little arrogant. But after losing to Masamune, we getto know a lot about her how she was such a big fan of his action novels and how she decided to crush him so that he’ll leave writing romance novels and get back to action genre. She was not the type who gave much thought in deciding a suitable title for her novels, mostly she preferred to just write and read them by herself and didn’t cared what others thought about them. But still, knowing that she loved Muramasa’s novels, it was revealed that she had a crush on him and wanted him to write only and only for her.



• ──── ✾ ──── •

It was really fun to watch this anime, the thing I preferred the most here was the relationship between Sagiri and Masamune. Though they were brothers and sister, still Sagiri knew that he was the one who used to send her those amazing stories and aimed to become the greatest author, so she didn’t looked at him much as a big brother, instead as a lover. Thats why whenever he brought the topic of brother and sister, she used to get sad and pout. Sagiri was one my sweetest female character here, the way how she acted shy and flushed infront of her brother and the way how she acted infront of her model, all perverted, she definitely deserved the title of eromanga sensei, but she always denied it by saying this blushing ” I-I don’t know anyone by that name “, it was so adorable. It was pretty much inspiring if you look at it from Masamune’s perspective, how he started yo build his aim just after his mother passed away, how he never felt sad of being lonely, how he kept working for his novels, how he took care of her little sister who was stubborn enough to not come down to take her own dinner. This shows that overall, he did his best as a big brother and always look after others not worrying much about himself. So overall I can say that you may think that its pretty interesting in the beginning and boring after that, you’r wrong since thats the part where we get to know how our main protagonists started to evolve.


『 SCORE ➤ 7.8 』

I guess a few of you must have watched it, and you all must had your opinions for scores. Well here, I loved the storyline, the animation and not to mention the opening as well as the ending music. I really wanted to see more focus on both our siblings, more like more episodes for it.

Ok Guyz! These were my quick opinion for one of my recent animes. I hope you all had fun reading it and watch it in the meantime. Well, thats it for this one. Take care and have a good day/night.


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” All images and gifs used in the above post are obtained via searching through the internet. I have no claim or right to them.The credit for that goes to the original owners. If I use any external content, I will always exhibit the link “

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