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Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?

English Title- Is This a Zombie?

Japanese Title- これはゾンビですか?

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Jan 11, 2011 to Mar 30, 2011

Duration- 24 mins per ep

Producers- AT-X

Studios- Studio Deen

Genres- Action, Harem, Comedy, Magic, Ecchi, Supernatural



Everything that comes to exist in this world, meets their end eventually. How would life be like if you can live forever? Some of you may think it must be cool to live forever, then you can enjoy it nice and slowly without any fear of death. And some of you must think of it as a curse of staying alive even though your life has no meaning since you can’t get close to anyone because if not you, then they’ll die eventually. Well thats what I am going to discuss in today’s review, a boy who became a zombie after getting killed. Now what is his reason to accept that kind of life ? What is his purpose of living ? We’ll all see as we move further.



Now lets talk about the main plot. The story revolves around Ayumu Aikawa, who used to be a normal high school student, but now he lives his life as one of the undeads. Now how did he became a zombie? When he was returning from school, he met a girl wearing armour with silver hair. He spent a little time with her and parted ways after sometime. But on his way home, he saw blood on a window of one of the neighbours, which made him remember that there is a murderer on loose killing people without a reason. He went in to rescue the person whose cries were echoing through the hallway. He went in knowing that its a really bad idea and got himself killed by sword. When he finally woke up he saw himself lying beside the girl he met before and was revived as a zombie, the girl turned out to be a necro mancer and she decided to live with him. Now you may think what was the point of coming back to life? Well if it would have happened to me, I would definitely like to know who did it and even kill that person if I get a single chance.



That was the biggest goal of Ayumu Aikawa, to find the murderer who killed him and make him pay for all his deeds. Now he is leaving his life as a zombie to find out that person. Well that was not all to his problem. Soon after that he started to meet weird people having unique special powers, but still he was a zombie, he wasn’t much surprised because the world is full of weird stuff. Later he meets a magical garment girl Haruna who comes to earth for killing megalo ( type of monsters ) as assignment. Because of Ayumu’s unusual power she ended up becoming powerless and decided to stay at Ayumu’s house. Being a Zombie was one thing, but dressing like a girl in a pink frilly skirt is way too embarrassing. Her power was now a part of Ayumu and now he was ended up with the task to defeat Megalo’s. Not too long after that, another weirdo joined his harem, Seraphim. She was a vampire ninja dispatched to bring lady Hellscythe to the ninja village, but after getting rejected, she decided to become her servant and live under the same roof as them.



Now lets start with our main protagonists. The lead male here is Ayumu. He used to be pretty timid and lazy person before he died. He always took his life for granted and thought of it as a big waste. He didn’t cared of living it like most people do, to the fullest! But after his death, he realized that it was a big mistake of thinking so casually. But after getting resurrected as a zombie, he tries to enjoy it, even if its a little bit. As we know that he is a zombie, and he can’t be killed. But there are some disadvantages too like… he can’t go out in broad daylight, thats why he always takes his umbrealla with him, they even if he is a zombie, he can feel pain when cut or wounded. But despite all that he is still a caring person and takes care of the people leaving with him. He doesn’t have an energetic type body, but when it comes to fighting monsters, he makes good use of it. Since humans can’t use 100% because there body always have to save some in reserve, but he is a zombie, he can use his full strength or even cross the limits. He is a little bit of pervert, which is one reason why everyone at his houses stays alert with him around. In the end, he accomplishes his goal to find his killer and continues to live a life of a zombie.



Now lets talk about some other main spotlights. First we have Eucliwood Hellscythe. She is a necro mancer from Hades and a person with a few words. She is the one who gave Ayumu a second origin and lived with him since then. She doesn’t shows any emotions and communicates with others by writing her thoughts in a diary. Then we have Haruna. She used to be a magical garment girl but somehow it all got absorbed into Ayumu and now she is powerless. She can’t go back without any magical energy so she stays in his house. She is very talkative and never gets tired of calling herself a genius. She gets jalous pretty easily and always picks up fights with Ayumu. Finally we have Seraphim. She is a vampire ninja from a ninja village and came to fetch lady Hellscythe. She has a mature body compared to others and is pretty good in fighting skills. Well she despises Ayumu more than anyone else and calls him a maggot, pervert, peeping tom and much more. But its really fun to have all of them around.



Well there are many moments in this anime that’ll make you laugh. For instance, the moments when Ayumu gets abused by Seraphim of being a maggot and other stuff, or the times when we see Ayumu transforming into a magical Garment girl… seeing him wearing that sure kills half of my soul duh! Well he doesn’t have a choice but to do the job he is entrusted for. If I have to talk about my best moment, its definitely gotta be the time when Ayumu encounters all three of them in a bowling arcade and tries to hide himself behind that masky meal mask he got. It was really hilarious to see how he tried to hide the fact that he is living with 3 female tendents. But in the end he was busted and had a bowling game with his friend to settle it and no doubt, he won, since he is a zombie that is haha.



I really had fun watching it, the animation quality was pretty awesome. The only thing you may get disappointed in may be the setting of the main character being a zombie. I mean he is a zombie but doesn’t looks much different when he was a human, so its not much realistic enough. The characters were pretty good, all with quite unique personality and skills. Out of the two opening songs, I really liked the first one ” leave it to me tonight “. It kindof had that sensation of safety coming from Ayumu and his friends that they’ll take care of the problems in the city, so rest easy. Overall I really wished that I could get a 3rd season and I guess most of you must want that too.


『 SCORE ➤ 8.5 』

Thanks for reading, have a good day/night

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