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Seitokai Yakuindomo

English Title- Seitokai Yakuindomo

Japanese Title- 生徒会役員共

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Jul 04, 2010 to Sep 26, 2010

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- Starchild Records

Studios- GoHands

Genres- Comedy, School, Shounen, Slice Of Life



Spending time is pain for most of the people, but how would it be like if you have something that’ll have you entertained each and every day? The school we are talking about used to be an all girls high school, but from the current year, it was decided to make it co-ed and let male students join as well. Since majority of population is girls, no wonder the boys would have to face a little problem, so what kind of problem it is or how is our main protagonist going to react for that? Lets see…



Now lets talk about the plot. The story revolves around Tsuda Takatoshi who joined Ousai Academy which started to take male students since they became co-ed. On his first day of school he was forced to join the student council because of his little mistake which cost him his high school life. The student council consisted of Shino Amakusa, the president of the council, Aria Shichijou, the student council Secretary, and lastly the treasurer, Hagimura Suzu. The first two were 2nd years and Suzu was a first year. Since the school was a co-ed and boys will also be attending it, they wanted a guy to join the student council so that they can have opinions from a guy’s perspective as well. Aa Tsuda joins the council, he finds it a little problematic to settle in because of many reasons. First are Shino and Aria’s perverted jokes which always catches him off guard, and the other one being a part of a place where majority of people are girls and minority of boys.



Lets take a look at our first main protagonist. Tsuda Takatoshi, a male student who transferred into Ousai just because it was near to his house and by good luck or bad fortune, he was dragged into the student council as the vice president. Tsuda seems to be a calm, lazy and laid back person. Spending so much time with the student council, he got used to Amakusa and Aria’s jokes very well that whenever something unusual happens and they bring up their perverted delusions, he counters them with his comments. In the beginning, Tsuda had many flaws like he didn’t looked the type who’ll make any friends and also wasn’t good in studies. Bur after joining the student council, his life started to change and soon he got much better from his old self.



Lets talk about the other three main leads of the student council. First we have the president, Amakusa Shino. Shino is an exemplary student and is perfect in almost every fields. From household works to studies and sport, she maintains everything with her strong resolve and always remains top of her class. She reay likea to talk about perverted jokes and has feelings for Tsuda. Then we have the Secretary, Shichijou Aria. Aria is from a rich background and had spent his life living in luxuary, but… She was raised as an innocent little princess. She is pretty good in studies as well and always stays below her. Most of the time, we get to see her inviting the members of council to differet places all owned by her and doesn’t lets her background get in the way of her friendship with others. Lastly we have the Treasurer, Hagimura Suzu. She is a foreign exchange student who excels in english and other languages as well with an IQ of 180 and can perform 10-digit calculation on her head. She is at the same age as Tsuda, but her height makes her look like an elementary kid. Well thats one reason why she gets so annoyed when people call her small.



Well the craziness is not limited till the student council only, there are many other characters who can make you laugh out loud. For example, we have Yokoshima Naruko sensei, she is the english teacher at Ousai academy, but even after teaching their for so long she is still single and whenever comes in contact with a male student, she always try to make a move. She has one of the best acts in seitokai yakuindomo and mostly, she is doubted if she really is a teacher because of her behaviour. Another is Tsuda’s little sister, Kotomi. She is the same as the student council members, at school Tsuda is troubled by the council members and at home by her. She brings up her perverted delusions in any situation and enlightens the mood. And finally Hata. She is the president of the newspaper club, and she has a little annoying personality. She always looks for a scoop to use it as cover page and causes trouble for others. But whats interesting about her is that expressionless look, it quite funny when she tries to show any emotions.



Since the episodes are divided into small shoots, there isn’t much story here. The thing that makes this anime fun and worth watching are the casual conversations about perverted stuff. Its hard to think of any moment in any episode that didn’t made me laugh. Every cutscenes had its own way of creating unusual jokes making you smile. I usually have fun at times when the student council visits Tsuda’s house and ofc with Dejima san. Her jokes always coming from such a serious face makes it more funny. I really had fun in the episode when everyone visited the beach and when it was time to return, there driver Yokoshima sensei was wasted by drinking so much beer and they had to spend their night at the nearby inn. Things got really interesting with the newspaper club showing up and in the end, she was the victor.



The animation and music was above average. Even in that opening, you could easily tell what kind of characters or what kindof story it is. To be honest, it was the anime ooening which made me wanna try this anime. As for the animation quality, it was good as how a school life anime should be. Its true that you won’t notice any character development or any new story here, since its main focus was only on dirty jokes and daily lives of student council, but it was really worth watching, especially for someone like m who loves the combination of ecchi and comedy. Well I had a really good time watching it, and I often rewatch it sometimes too, but I am not hoinng for a 3rd season since the main duo who brought the best jokes had graduated from highschool, so its hard to see much comical scenes without them.


『 SCORE ➤ 8.9 』

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