Is The Order A Rabbit ?

English Title- Is the order a rabbit?

Japanese Title- ご注文はうさぎですか?

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Apr 10, 2014 to Jun 26, 2014

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- Frontier Works

Studios- White Fox

Genres- Slice Of Life, Comedy



How would it be like to work at a cafe with a cute little sister and a cuddly rabbit? It really seems fun working in a place with the scent of different kinds of coffees, serving so many customers, having fun with the part time workers, inviting other friends to help you out or going to their place to help them out, and even spending the night with everyone chatting and playing games all night, this all will be like one happy life. Now lets see how Cocoa spent her time at the cafe after moving to the rabbit house.



Lets take a look at the plot. The story revolves around a girl, Cocoa Hoto who just moved into town so she can live with the Kafuu family and the attend the school at that place. In return, she had to work as a part-timer. The first time when we saw her roaming around town, trying to find the place she was searching for, Rabbit Cafe, She had an image of the cafe filled with rabbits where people get to feed and play with rabbits. After reaching her destination, she found out that there was no such thing, it was called Rabbit Cafe because the rabbit sitting on Chino’s head was the Mascot of the cafe. After meeting Chino, she was all set to work there and soon came across another part timer, Rize in a really unusual way. Cocoa seem to be really happy with her work and most importantly, she was glad that she gets to work with such wonderful person.



Now that Cocoa settled at Chino’s place, she started working as a waitress in return for room and board. Seeing that Chino lost her grandfather an year ago, she decided to stay with her as her big sister. After befriending Rize, she met Chiya, a waitress from the rival cafe on her first day to school. And soon after that a new character was introduced, Sharo who also works as a part timer at another cafe. So each and everyday we get to see these little girls fooling around, serving customers here and there, interacting with customers and getting to know about them, this is what that makes this anime worth watching. So if you are looking for anime with a soothing and healing atmosphere, you can give it a try.



Now lets talk about our two main protagonists, Cocoa and Chino. Cocoa is pretty energetic when it comes to helping out the cafe or doing other stuffs. The thing she likes the most is cuddling things which are smaller then her and that includes Chino and Tippy. Both their personalities are quite opposite to each other, if one is more talkative, other don’t likes to speak much. She is always smiling and thinks positive no matter what the situation is. She tries her best to make Chino call her big sister even though she fails every time, but her optimistic nature keeps her going. Just as how Cocoa is always clumsy and does some silly mistakes, in the other hand Chino doesn’t likes to make mistakes, most probably she is used to working and always tries to teach Cocoa stuffs.



Lets talk about our other cute characters. First we have Rize Tedeza. She is one of the part timers at Rabbit house, she is very perspective of her surrounding and always tries to be on guard. Her father was in military so she was given combat training to protect herself, but the thing that freak others out are her weapons, she always carry a combat knife and a gun. She doesn’t likes it when someone cuddles her, she responds by turning all red. Next we have Chiya Ujimatsu. Her cafe, Ama Usa used to be a rival of Rabbit House, but that was in her grandmother’s time, now she is friends with everyone there and sometimes visit there to help them out. Her personality kindof matches to Cocoa, thats why she always seem to be smiling most of the time and stays cool. She is good in coming up with names for a restaurants menu which seems like a good skill. Lastly we have Sharo Kirima. Sharo is my most favourite character in this anime, she is so adorable whenever she gets embarrassed. She looks up to Rize since she once saved her, and saved from what ? a delinuent rabbit XD. Well she have a royalty feel around her even though she doesn’t belongs to a wealthy family and works in a cafe which specializes in herbal coffee.



There are many moments in this anime where you’ll definitely smile and wish if you were also there laughing and smiling, having fun with everyone. If I have to talk about my favourite moment, its the time when Cocoa brought a puzzle with around thousand pieces and everyone came to help them out. It was fun seeing everyone getting along. Then the time time came when Cocoa and Chino went to cook something, the fun part came here when Cocoa tried to flip the pancake and it fall on Chiyo’s face, it was hilarious hearing her cry Chino is not talking to me. In the end it all worked out and they finished the puzzle. And the last part left a good impression when Chiyo finally found the puzzle piece which caused all the trouble and the Cocoa messed everything again. Guess Cocoa is bound to make mistakes as long as she gets to be around Chino haha.



Is the Order A Rabbit ? was one of my first heart warming and soothing anime which really makes you feel like home when you watch this. Everything goes on its own pace, not much deep story, not any past reminisce. I’d recommend it to those who like slice of life or comedy. You may get tempted by the opening since the visuals let you see everyone enjoying, laughing and having fun. Not to mention the animation quality, it also matches perfectly with the background of the story. I guess I watch it every time when I feel bored since seeing the clutz and clumsy side of Cocoa makes me smile and feel better. Overall, it was really fun watching it, no wonder why it got 2 seasons, and I do wish we get a 3rd season too.


『 SCORE ➤ 8.6 』

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