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Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky

English Title- Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky

Japanese Title- エスカ&ロジーのアトリエ ~黄昏の空の錬金術士~

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Apr 10, 2014 – Jun 26, 2014

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- Pony Canyon

Studios- Studio Gokumi

Genres- Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure



Its not easy to come across anime with the genre of a little bit action and adventure, but should also have the qualities of relaxing sensation. This is one of those anime with mixed action and adventure genres, but doesn’t involve any intense fights. Just like the experience we get from playing adventure type games where we have to complete missions by talking to people and gathering informations, collecting things which could help us in our journey, travelling from one place to another. The closest example I can give you are the GBA ROM games like Pokemon Emerald, Ruby all those other versions. And if you have read correctly, the source of this anime was taken from a game, so you can check that out as well.



If I have to talk about the plot, the thing that our main two protagonists taught us and the thing that centres around the idea of this anime was ” Don’t give up on your dreams “. The story takes us at the time when Alchemy was like a daily need for people, but due to a certain cause which people called as ” Dusk End “. This Dusk eventually reduced the usage of Alchemic instruments and further resulted in a reduction of Alchemy. But there was a nation which was successful in fighting back with this Twilight Dusk and was able to get recover some of the lost Alchemic Technologies. The main branch for their research was established in a place they named as central and kept revealing secrets which may help them to make life more easy.



Escha Malier, one of our main protagonist from a small town Colesit, joined the R&D Division in order to move towards her dream. And the second protagonist Logy, who was transferred to the R&D Division coz of lack of members for work. On their first day they were teamed up and from that point on, they always stayed together on their missions. The Colesit Division was formed for one purpose that’s onr reason why it didn’t had much people. As we move further to the story, we come across new characters, new adventures, and also get to learn a little bit about the past of our protagonists. The story itself was taken from a game, so there isn’t much of an interesting plot like FMA. But the application here is much better when we talk about the use of Alchemy to create something. The main fun comes from the time when they face a problem, try to find the solution through Alchemy, talk to many people and travel places to places to collect ingredients, and finally prepare the product. The smiles of children and other people they recieve when they help them out using their knowledge in Alchemy is definitely worth it.



Now then, lets talk about out main protagonist. First we have Escha Malier. Escha grew up in a small town of Colesit with her Automaton named Clone. Her mother died when she was a little kid, so her Automaton taught her most of the things. Escha learned a few things about Alchemy from her mother and some things from clone, but since she is a diligent and hard working person, she studied most of the things by herself. Escha had one dream that she wanted to make a reality, and that was to explore the unexplored ruins located right above the Colesit town and that was the real purpose for the existence of R&D Branch. She is quite cheerful and energetic and always thinks about others before herself. In all her missions, she makes sure that the work is completed with ease and without any problems, she always tries her best to help others even if it requires to move on to another adventure. When Escha was small, her mother gifted her a tail of some sort as a birthday gift as an accessory which has senstivity of touch, so it makes most of the people curious who see it the first time.



Then we have Logy. Logy had a terrible accident during the time he was working on a big project. He and his friend had a dream to create an airplane and travel in it across the world. But due to some problems the airplane crashed on its test flight and his friend got injured. He kept this burden and came to Colesit to keep his mind away from his dream, but after seeing how much Escha was determined to make her dream come true, he finally moved away from his past and started building it with his new friends and made his dream a reality. He isn’t much of a talker but possesses great combat experience. Not to mention he doesn’t likes to fool around during work and takes his job seriously. The other protagonists also played a major role here. Such as Wilbell, a witch with extraordinary skills, but a bit cocky and energetic. Linca, Marion’s bodyguard and a skilled swordsman who always stays by her side. Marion, a government official and boss of Escha and Logy. Clone, Escha’s precious friend who took care of Escha after her mom’s death. All these characters played an important role not only in the anime, but also in the game to continue quest and missions.



Well throughout the series you won’t see much character development since the only thing new that comes every episode are characters and missions. If I had to talk about my best moment throught the anime, It’s that time when they both helped out a village which had problems related to water, that mission kindof made me think that I am not watching, but playing it. First they searched the library for ideas but no luck, went outside to search for clues and came across a solution, the solution, means the Alchemic substance required something which could only be found at a certain place, they move to that place and acquire the ingredient, they prepare the substance and use it to help people. It was all like I was on a mission and to complete that mission, I had to handle multiple sub-missions. It definitely was fun.



Well most of the people may not go for an anime like this, but as they say, there is no such thing as usless effort. The people who gave there all to make this anime didn’t made it all boring, but it taught me something, and that is to never give up on your dreams. Well I won’t recommend it as ” Must Definitely Watch ” type anime, but you can give it a try if you wanna try a peaceful or relaxing type which will make you think as if you are also travelling with them. But personally I think its rather important to give it a try coz most of the people overlook these kimd of series with a good moral. Overall it was fun watching it, and the OST’s and opening music was all good, it kindof matched perfectly with the background of the story.


『 SCORE ➤ 7.8 』

Thanks for reading, have a good day/night

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  1. I like most of the Atelier video games. Just like Harvest Moon, they are something you can play when one wants to chill. I haven’t watched this anime, as a lot of shows based on games don’t tend to be good. Your positive assessment has however convinced me to give it a chance one of these days.

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