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Kekkai Sensen & Beyond

English Title- Kekkai Sensen & Beyond

Japanese Title- 血界戦線 & BEYOND

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Oct 08, 2017 to Dec 24, 2017

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- Shueisha

Studios- Bones

Genres- Action, Comedy, Super Power, Supernatural, Vampire, Fantasy, Shounen



Hellsalem’s lot, a city where the human world and the alterworld intersects. It is pretty daring of a kid to live in a city like that where thugs are present everywhere and life can be over in any second if not been careful. This season was more intense compared to the last season, not to mention this time we were able to get a good portrait of some of the members of Libra. The thing which was worth looking forward to were the last two episodes about Leo and Michella, where Leo fought an enemy by himself the first time and even came close defeating him. How? We’ll see this in a bit…



Kekkai Sensen & Beyond continues the daily life of Leonardo Watch in Hellsalem’s Lot in order to support his sister Michella and to fid out if he can restore in eyesight. If we go back a little when the series of Kekkai Sensen started, we came to know how Leo obtained those ” All seeing eyes of Gods “. In this season at the last episode, it was told that Riga El Menuhyut an ophthalmological engineer gave him those eyes in return of her sisters eyesight. It all happened so suddenly for him that he didn’t got a chance to help her sister. Now his only objective is to use those eyes to live through this city of monstrocity. His powers didn’t went to waste since we found some good people who could make better use of him and balance peace in Hellsalem’s Lot. The character designs had also improved from the last season and a few new faces were also introduced.



Kekkai Sensen, as you all know that it didn’t had a story. Each and every episode focussed on daily life of Leo and how he survives in the city. Even in this season too there was nothing new since the same pattern was followed. Just like the last time the last two episodes followed a plot. But I guess this is what which makes Kekkai Sensen unique since its made with each episide as a single arc and most of the people may also get bored if a single arc in an intense anime like this consisted of 3 to 4 episodes for a single arc, then it won’t be enough to make the most out of it in just 12 episodes. But the new thing here was we get to take a little peak in the daily lives of other Libra members. If the wallpaper of the organisation of Libra is viewed with all of its characters in it, it may seem that all of the character look pretty serious type, but after taking a look at their backgrounds and daily lives, we get to knew that even they can also smile and enjoy their life.



Now then, lets talk about our main protagonist, Leonardo Watch. My first impression of him wasn’t really bright. He didn’t looked much like a fighter, wasn’t good in planing strategies, not cool and the way how his eyes always appeared closed made me think he had a lousy personality. But after seeing what he went through in the past and how determimed he is to save his sister, made it clear that I was mistaken, he’s way cooler than any other protagonists. Leo lives in a city where there is no guarantee if you’ll be able to see the next day, but still he was able to survive this long by shear effort and will power. Leo possess eyes which were given to him in return of his sister’s eyesight. They allow him to see things which normal humans or non humans can’t see. Some of the abilities of his eyes are, Plain Eyeballs which allows him to hallucinate his opponents. Vision Transmission, this allows him to project what he sees into other people’s mind. Vision Shuffle which helps him to alter the vision of people around him and shuffle them.



Now then lets talk about the other protagonists. Lets start from the leader of Libra, Klaus. A large powerful man, master of Brain Grid Blood Battle Style. He is a calm and gentle person, but when things get out of hand, he lets his actions do the talking. Next is Zapp. Well every anime deserves a comical character so here we have. He has a short temper and get annoyed pretty easily but his fighting style is interesting as he uses his blood to give it any shape and make it explode with a little flame. Then we have KK. She is quite hard when it comes to talking to his employees, but when she is around her family, she is totally a different person with just her sweet side. She excels in sniping skills. Then there is Steven. He seems to be the most calm and composed of all the other members, and it matches its ability as well, he is as cool as his ice style powers. Next is Chain. She is also one of the characters who give us a good time laughing by fighting unnecesarily with Zapp. Her abilities allows her to break her body into tiny molecular level which can be used as an invisibility cloak or allow her to enter someone else’s body. Next is Zed. A tag along partner of Zapp, always staying close to him and also practices the same ability as him. Then there is Hummer who had his blood replaced by a liquified serial killer and can use this ability to power up. Well these were our main protagonists here, and each of them showed some good expertise in this season.



With the chaos going throughout the city, it leaves an impression to most of the people that there is already any fun here. But trust me! this series has offered more than enough tomake it a success. Well I had fun in almost every episode, but if I have to talk about my best moment, its surely the last part when a monster disguising himself as Michella’s husband appears infront of Leo and asked him to offer his eyes in return of his sister’s life. The last episode battle may seem a little dull since a boy who can barely talk back to someone engages in battle with a monster in order to save his sister. It was admirable how far he went to protect her and took so many lethal blows. But it all went good went the Libra entered into scene and Klaus took care of him with one punch. This was the best moment since not only it showed how much courage Leo had, but also that he never goes back from his word.



Overall, I found it much better compared to the first season. The character design and setting had improved quite a lot. The OST’s were amazing as well, all with slow and dramatic song but matched well with the visuals. But out of all of them, I still think that the opening song of season 1 was much better ” Hello World! “, it had a slow start and in the middle, an awesome impact which made the go ready! Set! Goooo! I really enjoyed it. But its not like the opening of this season ” Fake Town Baby ” is bad, it just doesn’t packs a punch like the last time. Finally I would like to recommend this to you all if you are looking for an anime with action, superpower and comedy. I’m sure you’ll definitely love it.


『 SCORE ➤ 9.0 』

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