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Knight’s & Magic

English Title- Knight’s & Magic

Japanese Title- ナイツ&マジック

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Jul 02, 2017 – Sep 24, 2017

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- Bandai Visual

Studios- 8bit

Genres- Action, Fantasy, Mecha, School



How would it be like if you get to reincarnate in a fantasy world of ancient time filled with robots, after death? And the most interesting part is that you’ll still have your knowledge and skills about your past self and can use those in the present to attain fame and glory. The same kind of setting is introduced here where a professional programmer who is also a mecha otaku, gets killed in a car accident and gets reincarnated in a world where monsters and robots are pretty common to see. Now how will his life turn out in a place like that? Lets see as we move further…



The story starts with a little issue at an office about an order from above for completing an important project. Everyone appeared to be demotivated coz the load of the work was quite a lot. Then man emerged from shadows who was none other than our main protagonist, Kurata Tsubasa. He excelled in coding languages and also a big mecha otaku. He was living quite a hardworking and fun life, but it came to an end when he got hit by a van while walking home with his plastic models. It seemed that he still had a lot to do in his life and still had plans to continue his hobby of making robots, which came true by getting reincarnated in a fantasy world as a child, this boy went by the name Ernesti Echevalier. Ernesti and his family was attacked by a monster while returning home, but he was saved by his dad who was operating a robot, which was known as Silhouette knight in that period of time. Ernesti was familiar with the sensation of that machine, so he decided to study hard in order to build his own Silhouette knight.



Ernesti was a diligent kid, he spent most of his time reading books about Silhouette knight’s and did magic training during morning. Not long after that he made two friends, Addy and Kid. Both of them were also determined to learn magic from Ernesti so they started spending their time with him. When all three of them started to fo to school, Ernesti was always ahead of others in terms of knowledge and skills, thats why he decided to continue his studies with higher class students. During a little incident at a school trip, Ernesti’s skills were found out and he got involved in making and designing new technology for silhouette Knight’s which became quite useful in fighting beasts. And as time passed away, Ernesti’s dream of building his own Silhouette knight started to become a reality and that sure changed the history and brought a new age for Silhouette Knight’s.



Now then, lets talk about our main protagonist, Ernesti Echevalier. Kurata, who was a professional programmer and a mecha otaku got reincarnated after getting hit by a car as Ernesti in his next life. He is still obsessed with robots quite a lot and spent most of his time reading about them or thinking of ways to improve the current technology. If we talk about his nature, he is cool and calm most of the time, even in battles. He is very much caring and protective when it comes to his friends Kid and Addy. The thing I like the most about him is how cute he is, it was hard for even me to differentiate if he was a cute boy or cute girl. At the beginning when he entered the academy, he found the studies boring since everything taugth there was already feeded in his mind, so in order to get to higher classes he showed his skills by merging his programming knowledge and magic to form weapons that were totally new to that world. Ernesti didn’t liked to sit idle, either he thought of new ideas or studied more about the silhouette knights. Not too long after that when he gave a new look to the Silhouette Knight’s of his kingdom, he was soon entrusted in building much more versions of them with his team and went by the title ” The Order Of The Silver Phoenix “.



Lets talk about our side protagonists. First we have our twin pair Addy and Kid. Addy is cheerful, energetic and lively most of the time. She likes cute things, but the thing she likes more than anything is Ernesti, so she hugs and cuddles him all the time. On the other hand Addy doesn’t speaks unnecessarily and always supports Ernesti by helping him in his new gears. Both the twins are quite close thats one reason why Ernesti decided to make them pilot a single armed unit the first time. Then we have Edgar, Dietrich, and Helvi who are seniors of Ernesti and also experienced knight runners. They played a major role in coming up with advanced tech for new Silhouette knight’s by using them in actual combat. All these characters including a few more were part of The Order of Silver Phoenix where Ernesti was the commander leading all of them.



The story was enjoyable thanks to the plot and character development. It was a bit unique coming up with a story where there were so many twists and turns in the genre part. To be honest, the thing I always looked forward too were the time when everyone of the Silver Phoenix’s group come together and shared their thoughts for a new version of Silhouette. My favourite scene was the time when Ernesti and his team of Addy, Kid, Edgar and Dietrich went against another kingdom on King’s order in a mock battle to see whose tech is more advanced and robust. It was hilarious to see the looks on people’s face when they saw Ernesti bringing up something which could never be imagined by the engineers of that era. The match was pretty much entertaining since it was the key in the beginning of a new age for Silhouette knights.



Overall I really enjoyed watching it. It was great to try something new and I really wanted to see a type based on Mecha for quite a while. From my opinion, the animations and the background was pretty good. The only thing that disappointed me was the opening song. It was not quite suited with the visuals and the background theme. As for the characters, they brought something unique by keeping a cute boy like Ernesti as a main protagonist and keeping his skills and knowledge higher compared to anyone else. My favourite moments in this anime were the times when everyone worked as a team and no matter how hard or impossible the work may seem, they were always able to pull it off with everyone’s help. I would recommend this anime to those who are interested in mixed genre of mecha and comedy.


『 SCORE ➤ 8.6 』

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