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Spice and Wolf

English Title- Spice and Wolf

Japanese Title- と香辛料

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Jan 09, 2008 – Mar 26, 2008

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- Pony Canyon

Studios- Imagin

Genres- Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Romance



What skills do you think it takes to become a good merchant? The first thing that might pop in your mind is luck and experience, well these two things are necessary but there are other rules also which are important to be kept in mind. First, a merchant should never do trades with equal footings since there won’t be any profit or any losses. Second, a merchant should never let money take advantage of him, he should take advantage of it… In simple words, if you are informed that you are having a big profit, calmly think and take precaution before signing the contract since it can be a trap. Finally, keep tracks of everything related to business matters, from a town’s speciality to making friends with other merchants. Now lets see further why we were focussed on merchants so much…



The story seems to be around medieval time period, most likely during 14th century. It revolves around a travelling merchant, Lawrence Craft who is around 25 years old. Despite being experienced in his work, he still lacks one thing and that is a person beside him who he can talk to. All this time he travelled from place to place in a cart with his horse and even tried to talk to him when he felt lonely. He came to a town, Pasloe, for some trading business. After returning back he noticed that there’s a person in the back of his cart, and after taking a closer look, he found out that there was a beautiful girl without clothes, with ears and a tail and also red eyes. She looked around 15 or something, but later he came to know that her name is Holo and she is around 600 years old. He was a little surprised since she had the same name as the wolf goddess of harvest from the village he just visited. It seemed that she shared a little history with that place.



The village used to suffer problems for the harvesting of wheat since it never turned out good. So around centuries ago, she promised to a boy that she’ll help out with the problem of poor yield in crops. It went good for a while but after some time, Holo realized that a land couldn’t handle a perfect yield every time so sometimes the harvests turned ot to be poor which leaded to the belief that the goddess is fickle minded and she is doing this on purpose. Holo, wanted to leave the town and go to her home in the north since she was also having the same problem of loneliness. She asked Laurence to help her out to reach her goal and in return she’ll help out any way she could, which began their journey of trust and companionship and also to get rid of their loneliness.They come across many traders and merchants, and its there job to always keep an eye on everything happening arohnd them to get the upper hand, not to mention Holo always gave him a good advantage coz of her special skills.



Now lets talk about out main protagonists, Lawrence and Holo. At the beginning, both seemed to be very much alike since they desired only one thing, a person who can stay by their side and get rid of their loneliness feelings. After travelling together, both seem to get along pretty well and build a special relationship with each other. Lawrence decided to take Holo with him only because she said she was a wise wolf and can help him out in any way she can, and it turned out she was pretty much right since most of the profit was always thanks to Holo. Holo had experience doing trading for a long time and making friends with other merchants to stay on their good side just in case if he ever needs their help, and also a good knolwedge of the things happening around him and other cities to use that to his advantage.



On the other hand if we talk about Holo, she always gets distracted by the food and stuff and always made Lawrence buy stuff for him with her puppy dog expression. She is always cheeky and pouts a lot whenever Lawrence rejects her request. Well thats pretty natural since she hadn’t travelled to other places or eaten variety of food. Which surely leads to a bit of problem for Lawrence coz she spends way too much on food, but he doesn’t regrets it since she always plays a major role in their negotiation with the traders thanks to her abilities of wolf. She can hear people talking at long distances and also she can tell if a person is speaking the truth or not. But in order for her to roam freely like that in town, she always had to cover her ears and tail otherwise the people will take her to the church by force. Well I don’t know much about their overall past, but currently they sure have a good relationship going on from the time when I noticed how they cared for each other and always kept the other one before their own happiness. Since Lawrence is a good natured person who always apologises even though if it isn’t his fault is one reason why Holo teasesa and lover her so much.



I don’t have much experience about politics and economics and stuff since I am a science student, but after seeing how Lawrence used to play his style of politics in order to make deals was pretty impressive. I didn’t knew much how merchants make so much money just by give and take method, but after seeing how its really done inspired me a lot. If I had to talk about my favourite moment, its that time when Lawrence bought some armors from a town and wanted to trade them in another since that town was pretty much in need of it due to majority of soldiers, but after a while he was notified that armors holded no values further and this leaded to his bankrupt. And it was really impressive how he and Holo planned out their way to pay the dept, they were betrayed in between of their dangerous quest, but still they made it out alive and payed all their depts with a little profit. Its defimitely true that those true always amaze me when they come up with those ideas.



Overall I thought the animation and background was pretty good and it matched perfectly with the background. It kindof made me realize of the past era, not to mention the waving sound created by wind when it flows over the crops and fields, the sound of the rain, the sound created by the horse and the cart while moving, all of this was blended perfectly and didn’t seemed to stand out. I’ve only watched the first season, still I had the time of my life, i’ll be moving to season 2 soon and I hope it’s better than this. I hope to see more of their adventures and their partnership in every journey. So, if you are looking for an anime with some action and stuff, its not made for you. But those want a little romance and fantasy, then you’ll definitely like it.


『 SCORE ➤ 8.4 』

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