Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan

English Title- The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

Japanese Title- 斉木楠雄のΨ難

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Jul 04, 2016 – Dec 26, 2016

Duration- 5 min. per ep.

Episodes- 120

Producers- Shueisha

Studios- J.C.Staff, Egg Firm

Genres- Comedy, Supernatural, School, Shounen



How would it be like if you had supernatural powers? The psychic powere you always wanted to have like telepathy, psychokinesis, pyrokinesis, poltergeist, clairvoyance, astroprojection etc. How would you use these powers? Most of the people will undoubtedly use this power for their own benefit, like power, fame, money, revenge, and this may even lead to a big disaster. Since we’ve know this from old times that when a human being gets his hand on wealth, he doesn’t thinks of keeping it safe and use it wisely, but instead he keeps wasting it and does his best to acquire more wealth. The same thing applies to lower as well, if someone gets hold to such power, he will neglect other inferior creatures and will try his best to have more to become absolute… a god. Well keeping these things aside, our main protagonist has the same kind of issues, but lets see how he uses his powers…



Lets take a quick look at the plot. The story revolves around a high school boy named Saiki Kusuo who seem to possess psychic powers since he was born. In all of the series he tries to hide those powers in order to not stand out or attract any attention since he had no intentions of using his power to show off. Even though the episodes seem to be a little short, around 5 mins. So the anime is pretty high paced and it may seem that the people are talking too fast, but I guess that’s also onw this that makes it fun since there is never a dull moment throughout the series. It doesn’t have any outstanding story, not much of a character developmemt in the entire series, but still using what the little plot they had to make each and every episode best out of best is the most admirable thing. Its something you can watch to get rid of your boredom since I think no matter in what mood you are, the craziness of every character in this anime will make you laugh even if you don’t intend to.



Now lets talk about out main protagonist, Saiki Kusuo. Saiki is the pink haired highschool student with Psychic powers and who loves coffee jello more than anything. Since Saiki was a kid, he possessed supernatural powers which he could easily use to live a happy life full of troubles, but he didn’t desired all those stuff since to him it was nothing but waste of time and worthless. He always tries to keep a low profile even in his school by not talking to anyone or scoring an average score in the exams or not attracting much attention during any festivities and sports. Saiki may seem like a person who doesn’t care what others do or think, but he always helps them out from shadows if he thinks the person infornt of him is in dire need of help. Thats one reason why he is my favourite character. He may not seem like it, but Saiki cares for his friends even though he ignores them most if the time. He could easily others thoughts and based on that he takes action, if he wanted he could take advantage of them using his psychic powers, but as I said Saiki is not like those who become arrogant after attaining great power.



Next I’ll talk about my two most comedy Duos, Nendou and Kaidou. I don’t know where to start when it comes to these two, there craziness doesn’t belongs from our world, its like they were born in another dimension just to make people laugh till they drop holding their stomach in pain. Lets start from Kaidou. I guess he is the most stupid perosn in this anime, and this is because of many reasons. First thing that comes into mind after hearing about his name is his eight grade syndrome. He thinks of himself as a hero who is on his quest to fight an evil organisation named Dark Reunion. Every time when his turn arrives, he always talkis about the power trapped in his hamd and how he uses it to defeat evil. But in a way his stupidity is what makes most of us laugh, not to mention his shy and cute side when he blushes. Then we have Nendou. I’m surprised why didn’t Nendou received the most hilarious character in the anime, No! I guess in the history if anime. His idiotic behaviour is something that even Saiki can’t predict since his brain is almost empty. He always talks about eating ramen with Saiki and Kaidou no matter the situation. Though he doesn’t looks much, he still cares for his friends and tries his best to help them out. But even his kindness seem like nuisance to most of the people which leads to a hilarious turn of events



There are just so many characters I like that even I can’t properly decide which one is the best. Almost every episode introduces us to a new character, but that character also doesn’t seem to be normal as he/she may give some hilarious jokes to lighten the episode. Well since Saiki is our main focus here, we can’t forget about his parents who also seem to give some expertise in making people laugh with their comedy couple skits. His mom may seem to be close to ordinary, but his dad gives the most funny vibes. The way how he always relies on Kusuo when he gets in trouble or does something idiotic to make us laugh, another one of his moments is how he talks about licking shoes to earn money, Damn! He even counts that he earned this much by licking this many boots. Well Kusuo doesn’t seem to reemble his parents much, but he does resembles his big brother who is also a psychic like him and an avenger who always tries his best to get a lead on Kusuo by defeating in something, but fails everytime. His family sure is one of a kind and quite unique and also interesting since there is never a dull moment when we are with them.



Most people have complain with comedy anime when the anime doesn’t have a fixed story or an interesting plot. But Saiki Kusuo is a special case because even though the story doesn’t seem to be much deep, the characters are what makes this anime more of a masterpiece. There are just so many characters that its hard to keep up with everyone’s jokes, not that anyone can ever get bored of them. I mean, there are just so many funny moments here that I can’t decide which one is the best, I hardly remember any episode where I didn’t kept smiling after finishing it. But if I have to say randomly, I really enjoy those episodes when Saiki, Nendou and Kaido hang out together and make Saiki comment on their behaviour. I also like the moments when Saiki is alone with Teruhashi and she tries her best to make Saiki say Oh! Well she always comes up with a new plan but too bad that Saiki ca hear all her thoughts. So in a way, there isn’t any character who disappointed me, and even the anime was beyond my expectations.



Finally I would like to recommend it to those people who really like anime based on Supernatural and Comedy. When I say supernatural, don’t expect it has some intense fighting scenes or something. Its pretty much normal and quite addicting as there is no shortage of entertainment. The characters were awesome, the background matched perfectly with the plot and scenarios, and the opening and ending music also reflected a lot about about the true nature of anime making it a little fun in a way. For me, it one of my best comedy show of all times, if it were my choice, I would have awarded it as the best comedy anime of all times.


『 SCORE ➤ 9.4 』

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