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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

English Title- Haganai: I don’t have many friends

Japanese Title- 僕は友達が少ない

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Oct 07, 2011 – Dec 23, 2011

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- Media Factory

Studios- AIC Build

Genres- Comedy, Ecchi, School, Harem, Romance, Slice Of Life



Well this anime focusses on one of the most important term which we come across in our daily life many times, FRIENDSHIP. Its pretty common for people to have friends nomatter what age they are. Even if someone says that ” I Don’t Have Many Friends “, I’ll believe him since there are some people who can’t make even one friend and I used to be like that. Well since friendship is a really powerful word, it shouldn’t be taken lightly coz once you use this word, you are bounded by the person you said those words to and carry the responsibility to do what a friend should always do for a friend. This story is the same and is about making friends, I really loved that quote used by Kodaka when he told it to Yozora the time when they were kids, It doesn’t matters if you have 100 friends, the thing that matters most is if even a single friend cares for you 100 times, he/she can be called a true friend. Well its pretty difficult to get those kind of friends, but still, lets see our main protagonist handles this…



The story revolves around a guy named Kodaka Hasegawa who is having a little bit of problem in making friends. He came to know that he had to transfer to his new school where he intended to give a good impression and make many friends, but due to catching a wrong bus, he ended up getting late and even busted his introduction. It was really hilarious, he was panting with a terrified look on his face that made the students, even the teacher to shiver from fear. Well one of the reason why he couldn’t make friends was because he had blonde hair with a black patch at the center and on the sides( its because his dad was japanese and mom was an american ) and he didn’t even wanted to dye his hair since it was his mother’s memento. And the other thing was because of his appearance, he always folds his pants from the bottom, and gives of a scary smile which causes a panic among others. That first impression made people think that he seem a lot like a delinquent so better to keep distance.



Now then, its been 3 months since Kodaka transferred into the school, but hasn’t made any friends… friends aside, he isn’t even able to speak to someone. Well after a while he meets a girl named Yozora Mikazuki who seems to have the same problem and was found talking to air when no one was in the classroom, thats when he got to talk to someone. She had a tsundere like personality and decided to form a club, named as the neighbour’s club where people who don’t have friends can join, make friends and do many activities related to making friends. At the beginning those two were the only members, but later it started to get popular and eventually became a full grown club with a lot of members. Well it was a club, but the activities doesn’t seem like it since all they did was sit around, read, sleep, play games and other stuff. But I guess that may also be counted as club activity coz it deepens friendship and also leads to many hilarious moments which is pretty entertaining for us.



First lets talk about our main protagonist, Kodaka. He used to be bullyed since he was really young coz of the colour of his hair, but later on due to this reason he became stronger. He didn’t made any friends after joining his new school thanks to his delinquent like personality, but still he manages somehow by forming a group with Yozora. When I saw him first time, even I thought he may have a nasty perosnality and may even have short temper. But once you get to know Kodoka, he seem like a caring and interesting person who likes to make friends and keep his word. The thing he likes the most is cooking, trying different kinds of food since he’s been leaving alone with his little sister for quite a while and does all the household work himself. Kodaka doesn’t likes it when he see people bully others or when people look down on others or even him, to him everyone is equal and tries to get along with everyone. Well coz of his caring and obedient nature, Sena and Yozora take quite a lot of advantage of him and even get jealous when see someone coming close to him. Overall, he is an awesome character and deserve to make a lot of friends aside from the neighbour’s club.



Now lets talk about some other hilarious characters. Well if I have to say who keeps me amused most of the time in anime, its definitely Yozora and Sena. They both hate each other for many reason and always start a fight without any good reason. If we take a look at Yozora’s personality, she is pretty bold and doesn’t hesitates to say whats in her mind. She always teases Sena by calling her Meat coz of her dynamic figure from top to bottom. She may seem rude from outside, but inside she is pretty soft and gets shy and embarrassed easily. On the other hand if we talk about Sena, she acts all high and mighty coz of her rich background, excellent academic grades, perfect figure and other stuff. But even with all that intelligence, she is the most stupid person anyone had seen before. Reason is because she gets played into Yozora’s tricks and always gets fooled by her. She likes to play otome games, show off her figure and look down on others.The thing she cares about the most right now is making friends and tries her best to be nice to them. In the end, the comedy skit both of them present together really is really hilarious and amusing.



The music and animations were pretty good and displayed quite a good combo with the story and the background. Well its not like people focus much on the beauty or visuals in comedy based anime. The opening also seem to give of a sexy impression making quite things clear what the genre of the anime might be. And about the character and plot development, you won’t find any improvements regarding the story since as a school based anime, it only showed us the events and activities residing inside the school and just a few times we get to see them going outside and get fresh air. On the other hand, the characters were pretty impressive with amzing personalities, especially Yozora and Sena. If one of them would have been removed, the story won’t feel the same like before.



Overall I personally think that its a good anime for passing time thanks to the hilarious moments by our funny and cute main protagonists. I didn’t had much problem watching it, but I really wished that it had a new season and also this time there should be a new male character joining the club to make it more fun. I recommend it to those people who really like comedy, harem anime, you’ll enjoy it quite a lot. I wanted to see a new character coz the story isn’t having and twists and turns and following a constant pace, it would atlease make it more interesting if there was a male friend of Hasegawa joining the group and joining the fun, thats it for my thoughts. Finally I would say its worth watching anime if you are free or want to spend your time laughing out loud.


『 SCORE ➤ 8.2 』

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