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English Title- ReLIFE

Japanese Title- リライフ

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Jul 02, 2016 – Sep 24, 2016

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- Aniplex

Studios- TMS Entertainment

Genres- Slice Of Life, Romance, School, Comedy



I don’t know it would be a good thing or bad thing if people were able to go back to the time when they were in high school. The advantage of this thing is that the unemployed people who didn’t give there all during their high school time can get another chance and may even succeed in getting a job and don’t have to go job-hunting everyday. The bad thing that might arise is that this may lead people to think that they are going to get another chance if they fail in highschool, so maybe from the start they won’t pay attention to the most important stage of their life. But its better to keep this sort of special service hidden from the rest of the world and choose people who really deserve another chance, just like how Arata got another chance to live again as a high schooler and may even get a job if the experiment is successful.



The story revolves around Arata Kaizaki, a 27 year old unemployed NEET who was dismissed from his first job within 3 months because of some reasons. After a few days when he met Ryou Yoake, he realized that there is still hope for him to stand on his feet again. Ryo was a member of ReLife Research Institute and was here to offer Arata an offer to become a test subject by consuming a mysterious pill. Arata didn’t had other choice since he already knew that he won’t go anywhere as things are right now. After taking the pill, next day he noticed that his body has gotten shorter and looks quite young, around 17. Ryo told him that from this day he has to attend a high school and keep his whereabouts a secret for one year. He has to live a life of a normal highschooler and keep this Relife project a secret.



At first everyone may think that it must be a piece of cake for an office worker to go through all this again, but it wasn’t that easy. On his first day, he failed in all the tests, wasn’t able to communicate with the classmates, caught with a box of cigarette. Well he had a hard time dealing with so many things which he missed during his time of high school. But he wasn’t the type who’ll give up that easily and started to do his best from next day onwards. After spending some days with them he got used to communicating with others on their level, not to mention Ryo was also a part of his class since his job was to keep an eye on him as a supporter. Here we get to experience how Arata tries to blend in with his classmates on his daily basis and make new friends by getting to know a little about their past and try to give advices. And as the story progresses we also get to know a little bit about Arata as well, as why did he quit his first job within 3 months.



Now lets talk about our male lead, Arata Kaizaki. Arata used to work for a company where he worked as an assistant for a senior experienced female worker. She was very nice to him and offered help whenever he needed it since she was very good in her job. All the other coworkers acknowledged her skill as well, but after sometime the other people started to sabotage her hard work just because they couldn’t beat her in a fair battle. Arata told her about all this but even though she knew, she didn’t took any actions and later on commited suicide. Soon after that Arata left the company too. He may have done the right thing but leaving his first job after 3 months will definitely bring a bad outcome to his resume which held him back to get any other job. After particpating in the ReLife project, he experienced the same things going on with his friends, but instead of running away he helped them out and gave them advices. He was kind to others and helped them out in anyway he could so that the same thing won’t happen to them which had already happened to him.



Now lets take a look at some other characters. First we have Ryou Yoake. He was the supporter of Arata in the Relife project and was assigned to keep tracks on everything he does from morning to night. He seem pretty lively and carefree but he has also faced some hardships in his life too. He joined the same class as Arata to stay close to him and give him advices if he needed any. Next we have Hishiro Chizuru. She is quite and dense girl with no interest to the people around her, well thats how she used to be before meeting Arata. After becoming friends with him, she started to feel more lively and did her best to make friends with others. Then there is Onoya who is also a supporter of Arata and junior of Ryo. She was in the same class as Arata and the others and always tried to stay close to Arata to keep tracks on his every movements. Then we have Rena and Ooga, both of them are pretty good in studies but are not good with love and stuff. They both had feeling for each, but after getting encouraged by their friends, they finally confessed their love to each other. Well this is all for our main protagonists with a few more.



As for the characters, I was glad that they focussed on each and every one of them mentioning their past stories. But the thing that disappointed me was the OST’s or you can say the background music. I do love pianos but listening to the same tune in every situation kind of sucks, its like they didn’t had any other music to go with every characters background theme. The atmosphere was pretty good as it should be for a school life based anime since the story wasn’t much unique, but it was interesting. And as I mentioned, I was really glad that they focussed on other characters as well since it would have turned out boring if they had shown some faces in the first episode and never introduced them in the story. Overall I really enjoyed the story not to mention the ending and opening songs.



I was especially looking forward for season 2, and truth to be told, I think it had one of the best happy endings i’ve ever seen. That moment when Hishiro and Kanzaki made contact in their actual bodies and recognised each other, it made me wanna cry to see how even a medicine couldn’t erase their love for each other. And in the past season I was surprised to see that Chizuru was Ryo’s first test subject. Well to be honest I was thinking it might be her when he was checking his report for subject one and all of them showed the same thing saying nothing progressive. But I was glad to see that she was able to show some signs of happiness. For the rest of the characters, they all had their own unique traits and personalities which made the story more interesting. I personally recommend this anime to those who are interested in school life based, slice of life, and romcom. I am sure you will have fun watching it.


『 SCORE ➤ 8.8 』

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      1. I read one if them, it was well written and detailed in every aspect. And ofc I’m a big fan of reading horror stories so i’ll be looking forward for more content in the future.


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