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English Title- WataMote: No Matter How I Look At It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Unpopular!

Japanese Title- 私がモテないのはどう考えてもお前らが悪い!

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Jul 09, 2013 – Sep 24, 2013

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- Media Factory

Studios- Silver Link.

Genres- Slice Of Life, Comedy, School, Shounen



I’ll start with a simple question, how does it feels when you are sitting alone in a corner while seeing other kids laughing and enjoying themselves in a group? I am pretty sure that must not be the case for most of the people since its hard to find people who don’t have much friends. Well I am not the same as well, but if I have to imagine, i’ll probably stay busy in my own fantasy world and not giving a shit about reality. Or sometimes badmouth people who are having fun with their friends and talking about going out, my heart may know that I am a loner and coz of that nobody will ask me, but my mind will most likely reject reality and fill it up with anger and frustration. Well thats some of the problem out main protagonist is facing right now, so for now lets see how her life proceeds…



The story revolves around a fifteen year old girl, Kuroki Tomoko. Since childhood Tomoko wasn’t able to make much friends coz of her looks and her fear of approaching strangers. After graduating and reaching high school, she was pretty confident that she’ll be able to make many friends since she had mastered her way of communication with different kinds of guyz in Otome games. Well this does sounds possible right now, since she had got experience to talk to any kind of person without hesitation. But in reality, sitting at home, shut inside a room and playing games all day had decremented her connection with 3D people therefore leading her communication skills and social skills to zero. Now take a guess what must be her condition at school? Complete loner! This is the only thing one can expect from a person who ignored all ties with social life for a while and come back like nothing happened.



Now at her first day of high school, she realized that it won’t be easy to settle in that kind of atmosphere so better to think of ways to get popular and make lots of friends. So all this time she tries to come up with different ways to get others attention towards her. One of the reason of her loneliness is her looks which bothered even her when she saw her face in the mirror after a long time, so thinking of getting attractive was also one of her plans which we get to see in this series a lot. The interesting part is how she progresses and tries to get through this trouble. Mostly she tries to copy what others do around her and sometimes if she thinks that the situation is not something she can handle by herself, she badmouths and insults them in her imaginations to take out her frustrations. Thats something which makes this anime interesting since its kindof true and afterall thats how we human beings really are.



Now lets talk about our main protagonist, Tomoko Kuroki. She is a fifteen year old girl who is characterised on the basis of her crappy conversational skills, her outrageous looks and her way of insulting others. Well from the first episode we get to see her trying to start a single converation with a guy, but even after 3 months had passed, she didn’t even spoke to someone, and its not like someone spoke to her. Even saying a single word she hesitates a lot but somehow she speaks up with a shaking voice. She usually spends her holidays like a shut in neet by watching anime, surfing youtubes and playing otome games ( for those who don’t know the meaning of otome games, these are kind of games where a female character tries to get in romantic relationship with one or several male character ). Since can’t make friends and boyfriend in real life, she gets happy by having fun with them in video games. She isn’t the type who seem too considerate about others, but what she is good in is the art of exaggeration. Whenever anything good happens to her, she exaggertes it to another level so that it may seem that she is superior to others.



Since the main focus of the entire series was only on our main protagonist Kuroki, we didn’t get to know much about the other characters. Still lets see some of them who got some frequent screen time. First there is Kuroki’s little brother, Tomoki. Even though he is younger, he seem much mature compared to his sister. He had got friends and usually hangs out with them during holidays. Tomoki seemed pretty popular among girls too, maybe because he is in the football team. This is where his sister gets pissed of seeing her brother having so many friends where she is all alone. So whenever her loneliness level is too high, she comes to him and starts to annoy by talking nonsense. Well in the end both are family, so Tomoki feels bad for her and helps her out sometimes. Next we have Yu Naruse. She and Kuroki used to be best friends in middle school. During her time in middle school, she was a lot more like Tomoko, gloomy and quite. But after getting into highschool, she changed her appearance quite a lot which made her look super cute. She often talks to Kuroki and asks her out sometimes, no to mention she is also an anime fan like her. She is a bit of innocent and clueless, and sometimes doesn’t understands Kuroki’s wild imaginations. In the end, both these characters made some situations quite funny and interesting.



Well I’m not expecting for any season 2 or desperate to watch one since I picked this anime as a source of passing time. Its pretty clear that the series doesn’t have a plot and follows daily life of a single character with not much focus on others. Still if you want to pass time with an anime based on slice of life and comedy, its is pretty good. I watched it over some other comedy recomendations by my friends coz the topic of this series was pretty new and kindof relates to ones real life. If we talk about music and animation, the opening theme was good, kindof made me think it showed the inner frustration and anger present inside a loner person who wants to break out from the loneliness and become free. The background themes were also pretty good and matched perfectly with our main character, gloomy and slow paced. Overall it was worth watching if you are bored with some serious shit and want to experience something new


『 SCORE ➤ 7.8 』

Thanks for reading, have a good day/night

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4 thoughts on “WataMote

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  1. I remember this series a lot because it was one of the first seasonal anime I saw when getting into anime. I found as much amusement, and cringe in her social interactions. It’s a fun a series which I also felt would have benefited more from an overarching story. Tomoko herself, pretty funny to watch regardless what she gets herself into.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah. Looking at the story objectively opens some flaws, since there is almost no plot. So people who are socially awkward, shy, and have hard time expressing what they think, i mean who can relate themself with the main protagonist would definitely love it. Even from my side, i think it was pretty entertaining and impressive as how they portrayed the legitimate issue of loners with such honesty

      Liked by 1 person

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