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Restaurant to Another World

English Title- Restaurant to Another World

Japanese Title- 異世界食堂

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Jul 04, 2017 – Sep 19, 2017

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- TV Tokyo, Sotsu

Studios- Silver Link.

Genres- Mystery, Comedy, Fantasy



Lets imagine, you are walking down an isolated area where you encounter a mysterious door. The door doesn’t seems to be attached to a wall but its like standing straight without any support. At that time two things comes in mind, first is to open and see whats inside, and the second one to leave and stay away from it. Well now I wonder which option you must have chosen. If you left without taking a look inside, you are pretty unlucky coz inside the door there is a world filled with amazing western cuisines with variety of sweets and drinks of all kind. It does brings a lot of questions to mind as how is that possible? Is it supposed to be some kind of teleportation magic by the owner of the shop or just a prank to trick others. Well this is the kind of thing that we are going to see in this anime, so lets start with the story…



The story revolves around a mysterious restaurant near the shopping district with a signboard at the front door saying ” Western Restaurant Nekoya “. Now the question may arise, whats so mysterious about this restaurant? On a daily schedule, this restaurant works out like any other diners from morning to evening. But, on the day of Satur that is the last day of the week, this door gets connected to a world far beyond our belief, much like a fantasy world where different kinds of creatures reside. So every saturday, this restaurant is booked for some special customers from another world who come here to eat delicious food prepared by a human. Well the main focus is on two characters, the head chef whose name is Tensha but is mostly called out as Master and a newbie who joined this place in order to work as a waitress, Aletta.



So each and every day of Sauturday, this door is transported to different places of a fantasy world from where humans and demons all come together and eat without causing any trouble. This food is really exotic to the beings in another world since the ingredients and spices are totally different in both world, thats one reason why everyone enjoys eating the food master makes for them. Each and every epsisode brings different kinds of people who may have lost their way, or are starving to death, this restaurant’s door appears in some certain places to fulfil their desires. At first they get surprised to see a door out of nowhere, but once they enter and see that almost every kind of creature is sitting their enjoying their food, they get the urge to eat something and totally get lost in the flavour of these exotic foods.



Now lets talk about our main protagonists, first we have Tensha, the chef of the Western restaurant Nekoya. He seem to be pretty kind and gentle towards all his customers, even if they have money or not, as long as they are hungry, he can prepare anything for them to chow down and saves the tab for their next visit. Even though he has to do all the cooking by himself, he doesn’t wavers and completes his task like a pro without braking a sweat and always aims to present the best dish from his menu. It’s been like 50 years since his shop was opened to the outside world and the first one to start this work was his grandfather. Master doesn’t cares much about money, as long as he can buy the ingredients and feed himself, thats all he aims for, not to mention the smile on others face when they eagerly eat the dishes made by him. This question may come to mind as how the dishes from another world are leaving such an impact to creatures of another world ? The reason is because Master trades the ingredients from another world with cash in order to do reasearch and see what kind of ingredients will match his customers pallet. Overall, he is the type who doesn’t cares about a person’s class and status, even if they are demi-humans, elves, dwarfs and any other beings, he welcomes everyone with a smile.



Next there is Aletta. Aletta is also characterised as a demon who came to the royal capital in order to get some work. As per her breed, she had two small goat horns on her head and wasn’t much appreciated in a society filled with demons so she decided to work at the capital which was a town with only humans. She had a stable job in the beginning, but due to a little mistake her horns were revealed and was fired from the job, well that was bound to happen since humans despise demons. When she was in a really bad condition with no money and starving for food, thats when the door appeared infront of her. Later as we know the master hired her to work at the restaurant as a waitress and decided to give her three meals a day and pay her with 10 silver coins. It was so nice to see how Master decided to hire her on the spot and how much he cares about her. She also tries her best to give her best to serve the customers with a smile.



After watching the art and animation style, it reminded me a lot of Shokugeki No Souma because if how much detailed each and every dish is. It kind of makes you wanna join them. The opening song also has a tempting and soothing feeling to it which shows how much the other people are enjoying the food no matter which breed they are. As for the characters, its good to see that there isn’t much focus on a single protagonist and how every episode bring us a short story of how this restaurant’s food saved them and how they became a regular customer. It was great to see that they focussed on different kinds of people as the restaurant welcomes everyone regardless who they are. This is one of those anime which made me want to like food and learn about them. Let me tell you why this series is interesting… When you don’t want to live anymore, food will give you a reason to live, there is no such thing as foodgasm here so people who may not like food wars for that reason can go with this anime, not only that you also get to experience the stories of how different people came to love this place. Lastly, if you do want to see some cute girls here, then don’t worry coz you’ll find plenty of them. I can’t think of how much fun I had watching it and I really hope that we get to see a second season pretty soon.


『 SCORE ➤ 8.0 』

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  1. I loved that show! Only problem for me was it got a bit repetitive near the end. Another day, another different race come to eat.

    I really wanted more character development, especially Tensha, Aletta and the two dragon-ladies, Kuro and Red Queen. Twelve eps isn’t enough.

    Liked by 1 person

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