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Amagi Brilliant Park

English Title- Amagi Brilliant Park

Japanese Title- 甘城ブリリアントパーク

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Oct 07, 2014 – Dec 26, 2014

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- Avex Entertainment

Studios- Kyoto Animation

Genres- Comedy, Magic



Lets start with a question? Have you guyz ever visited an amusement park? What is the thing you like the most about it? Is it the food, or the rides or maybe the mascot. Well I’ve visited one as well, I think it was called Imagica. The thing I looked forward to it was the roller coaster and dare drop, too bad there wasn’t any ferris wheel. Well this was just a part of how most people like their visit to an amusement park but… Have you ever thought how the staff manages such a large sum of customers everyday, or how much trouble they have to go through when they are setting up a new ride for us. Those rides may seem like a lot of fun in just 60-100 seconds, but we never care to know how much time it took to build that specific ride or how much time it takes for its maintenance. Well these are somethings which we don’t usually care during our visit, but why not take a look at a bit similar scenario which is taking place in this series…



The story revolves around a high schooler, Kanie Seiya who gets in trouble with a transfer student named Isuzu Sento. She asks him out on a date with a really weird proposal style, that is by pointing a gun on him. He had to accept the offer coz of the sutuation he was in and gets along with her date thing. Sento takes Kanie to a rundown theme park called Amagi Brilliant Park which didn’t really had the atmosphere of that of an attraction since everything seemed pretty rusty and outdated. Her real goal of bringing him here was to make him join as a manager so that he can help them to improve the conditions so that there park can continue to exist. Since Sento was the manager of the park for an year, she couldn’t do much for the staff, and after knowing Kanie’s history with film career, she decided to join his school to help the park get its glory back. The unique thing about that park was almost all the staff members were from magical Realm, means some of them were magical creatures and some of them could wield magic.



This all seemed pretty much unreasonable and unreal for Kanie so he refused her offer, atleast for now. But after taking a look at how bad the condition really is when he was invited in a meeting with, he was told if the park doesn’t finishes its quota of 5,00,000 customers within 3 months, the park will be closed for good. Due to all this, he decided to lead them but made it clear that he won’t go easy on them and make them work to the bone. All the episodes shows the hardships they face everyday, since they had a lot of financial problems, it was hard for them to take care of the repairings and adding new attractions, so it was pretty hard on their pockets. But at that time, even one a single customer was worth a lot, so they kept improving the small details inorder to face the biggest problem later on. Slowly things started to look a lot better compared to the time before Kanie came and a lot of new things were installed inorder to provide maximum service to the customers so they can keep visiting the place and finally, they were able to achieve the goal which seemed pretty much impossible in the beginning.



Now lets talk about our main protagonist, Kanie Seiya. Kanie is a self centered, over confident, Narcissistic, bossy and much more which can define his superiority complex. He used to be a super star when he was really young, but for some reasons he retired. Because of his behaviour and attitude, not many people try to approach him so most of the time he spends alone without any friends. When he was first invited to Amagi Park, he wasn’t much interested and told that he visited it once which showed that he had a little history with the park. He was given the power to read people’s mind by the princess and the former manager of the park which allowed him to read people’s mind, but only once per person. Kanie never really cared about much for others since he retired from his career of being a star, but after hearing the condition of the park about how everyone will be homeless if the park cease to exist, he decided to cooperate and help them rebuild the park from scratch. In the end, everyone looks up to him coz he is not just talk, he knows how to make his words come true.



Now lets talk about some supporting characters, first we have Sento Isuzu. A quite and innocent girl, thats something people will think if they just go by her appearance, but behind that cute face, she is like an ironfist dominator who doesn’t hesitates to shoot anyone with her gun. Whenever she gets pissed, dunno how but she takes out a gun from under her skirt and shoots with a 100% accuracy. Sento doesn’t shows much emotions since she was part of military before coming to maple land. She always tries her best to support Seiya but her ways of helping turns out pretty much violent sometimes. Then there is princess Latifa, the former manager of the park and the caretaker of the entire place. She suffers from a little bit of health problem which is mostly due to lack of Animus ( happiness of people which the maple landers feed on ) coz of the conditions of the park. She is the most considerate person among everyone and looks after them despite her own conditions. In the end her wish was granted when Seiya was able to finish the task he was called for and she turned back to normal.



There was one thing that made me impressed throughout the series and that is the character development. Its not likely that in these types of anime many characters are focussed all together but tend to keep it short by focussing only on the main character, but here that was not the case as they focussed on almost every character making it more fun. Music and background were pretty amazing as well as both of them were pretty much synched with the visuals and the storyline. Not to mention it was amazing how we get to see the daily problems experienced by them and how they took precautions and countered them with the best solutions. I would recommend it to those who are a big fan of comedy and magic genre anime since you’ll get to experience things which aren’t possible to see in any of the theme parks. And most of all, you’ll get to see some pretty cute characters from this anime, I specially love Muse, Isuzu and princess Latifa, they are like the perfect waifu material. Well i’ll hope you’ll give it a try ig you haven’t watched it.


『 SCORE ➤ 8.0 』

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