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Armed Girl’s Machiavellism

English Title- Armed Girl’s Machiavellism

Japanese Title-武装少女マキャヴェリズム

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Apr 05, 2017 – Jun 27, 2017

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- Media Factory, AT-X

Studios- Silver Link., Connect

Genres- Action, Comedy, School, Shounen



Its not easy for a school which used to be a girls high to coexist with boys in a short period of time. And its also not likely the boys will try to get along since they know that girls of that standards are pretty weak in will power and resolution. Now what solutions can be taken here ? Teach girls how to use self defence, which can be either martial arts or using some kind of weapon like a wooden sword, stun gun etc. Now think about it this way, what if the girls are already strong willed from the start and dominating over boys who are starting to enter in their premises, sounds to good to be true but its the real truth if we go by the plot of this series. It sures follows an average plot of those anime where a main character transfers into an academy and wins over every girls through his sweet words. The only twist here is not only he uses his words to win them over, but also his fists. Well then, lets start and see what this series is all about…



The story revolves around our main protagonist, Nomura Fudou who just got transferred into Aichi Symbiosis Academy coz of his behaviour and violent personality in other schools. Aichi Academy used to be an all girls highschool, but after getting co-ed, there were a lot of complains about girls being bullyed and in order to avoid that, they were permited to bring swords and other defending weapons to be safe. And in all that, a group was formed of five girls who were called as the five supreme swords, the strongest of everyone and had the power to give judgement on anyone. Due to this change of pace, boys were given two options. First was to leave the academy and the second was to coexist with others ( this was the worst one ). Most boys picked the second option, and for that they had to cross dress like girls and share the same fate as them. Disgusting right! Well they didn’t had a choice since they didn’t had any intentions of leaving the Academy.



Now what do you think our main protagonist must have done? Decided to coexist, or left? Well he picked both. He was the type who loved freedom and didn’t liked someone ordering him around, more like he had a lot of pride. From this he turned all the school against her and had to face of against the leader of the five supreme swords, Onigawara Rin. It ended as a victory for him, but the situation turned pretty awkward when he kissed her by accident. Nomura had but one wish, to go out of the premises, but in order to do that, he needed permission from the five supreme swords which wasn’t easier as it sounded. So throughout most of the episodes, we get to see how he faced against all five of them one by one ( excluding the last one ) in order to get their seal to leave the school grounds. But thats not all, there is also someone who was once acquainted with Nomura and his biggest rival, not to mention his biggest lover too. The thing that was worth looking forward to throughout this series was Nomura’s Spirit Bullet which he learned after going through very hard training.



Now lets talk about our main protagonist Nomura. Nomura is the type who loves to live his life freely without anyone bossing him around. He was expelled from his previous school coz of violence, so he was sent to Aichi Academy where violent students are brought into their right place by punishment, and sometimes torture. He faces some troubles at the first day, but slowly gets used to the atmosphere. Nomura was an orphan, he never got a chance to see his parents face, so he used to live with one of his relative who trained him hard day and night so that he can protect himself and become stronger. Due to this rigorous training, he became pretty strong and even made his own technique of sword fighting, he still remembers those days when he sees those scars on his back. Well he doesn’t gets violent for just any reason, its only when someone tries to do something that goes against his pride or if someone tries to hurt someone innocent, this is one reason why every girl in the Academy started to like him.



Next we have our supporting characters. First lets talk about Onigawara Rin. She is the leader of the five supreme swords. She tries to keep a stiff appearance from outside but inside she is still a girl. She prefers to not to show her weakness as it will display a bad impression on others. When she was a kid, her father left her mother and since she resembled a lot with her father, her mother called her demon and made her wear that mask. From that day till now, Nomura was the only one who ever called her cute and ofc kissed her too. Next we have Kikakujou, she is really skilled with western swordsmanship and also one of the five supreme swords. She also loves Nomura just like Rin but never tries to show it on her face, she may talk about some perverted stuff sometimes but also believes in Nomura more than anyone. And then we have our final villain, or Nomura’s rival, or maybe Nomura’s lover, Amou. She had a lot of pride in herself and doesn’t likes to consult with those weaker then her. Amou and Nomura had a little history thats why they remembered each other when they meet again. Just like Nomura, she had her own style if fighting where she uses her bare hands as a blade to slice people up, but in the end, even I thought that she should remain in Nomura company coz she seemed like a good person.



Well I won’t say that its a must watch series, but it is pretty good if you don’t have anything or need something for time pass. This series kindof shows how womens are superior against guyz. This anime shows that girls are not that easy to bully around and not every girl is the same, they know how to bring justice on others when its necessary. The ending and opening theme was pretty good too, introducing everyone with their perfect background and also visuals of the theme. The character development was the best part, its not that we get to see characters with that many amazing personalities in a single anime, and also most of them were pretty sexy while others were small chibi lolis and cutie pies. Well you will have a lot of fun with the accidents and misunderstanding happening here, it sure makes your stomach hurts laughing. At the end, the only thing I wanted to see improved was that there wasn’t much focus on their school life, all they did was fight. I really hope the next season turn out better than this one, if there is any. Overall I really had fun watching this series and definitely want a new season for it. If you are looking for an action anime, you can give it a try too.


『 SCORE ➤ 8.0 』

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2 thoughts on “Armed Girl’s Machiavellism

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  1. Got a friend who also enjoyed Armed Girl’s Machiavellism, but never told me much about it. Does sound like a decent time waster. Wouldn’t expect much from the premise since it simply sounds like a excuse for some action. Rings a similar bell to me like D-Frag. Everything is over the top, but entertaining nonetheless for what it is.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well even I won’t count it as one of my best since it involved the same harem routine with mixed flavor of action like any other. But I guess the plot was decent and character development was average. In the end what i cared about was… it was entertaining 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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