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Altair: A Record of Battles

English Title- Altair: A Record of Battles

Japanese Title- 将国のアルタイル

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Jul 08, 2017 – Dec 23, 2017

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- Aniplex, GYAO!, Lawson

Studios- MAPPA

Genres- Historical, Drama, Fantasy, Adventure, Shounen




How does it feels when you think you are the only survivor left in your tribe while the rest were burnt alive? It makes you kindof frustrated from inside that why was I so weak when it all happened? Wasn’t there any way I could help? and in the end we pledge to avenge their deaths. Thats something which comes into most people’s mind but, do you think its the only way? It may help you get your revenge, but lead to more hatred and war. Now what is the best option? If I have to compare this story, it reminded me a lot of Arslan Senki, how a boy at a very young age took command over the front lines and fought bravely to save his kingdom. Same scenario is here too with some twists and turns. It may get boring in between since people are not much of a fan of historical type anime… I know right! There are all those weird names and places and their own way around politics. Well I’ll try to use as simple words as possible not mentioning much of the detailed stuffs. Now then, lets see what it was all about…



Journey of Mahmut

The story revolves around a 17 year old boy, Tughril Mahmut, also know as The Golden Eagle General. His tribe members were all killed when a surprise attack was launched by Balt-Rhein Empire over Torqye. He was the only survivor and was taken in by one of the Pasha’s of Torqye, Sehir Halil. It was not easy for him to just sit doing nothing, so he decided to become a Pasha and do his best to cease these kinds of unnecessary wars. He completed his training and became the youngest Pasha in the history of time, but he wasn’t much familiar with the politics and thought that conversing can solve everything, even stop a war between two countries. On his first few days, he was able to bring some good results, but since he didn’t truly understood the meaning of being a Pasha, he was stripped of his title and demoted to a lower rank. Now the tough chapter starts where he marches of to other land inorder to see what is happening in the outside world and how he can get involved with them and help them so that the tragedy which happened with his tribe never happens to other innocent people.



Now our young hero travels across other countries so that he could learn much more about how politics plays a huge part in turning a war upside down. He came across many places and people, and aimed to make a good impression in order to keep himself on their good sides and become friends. As he was always the type who rushed into things all by himself, it was now time for him to learn how to rely on others and work as a team. The empire of Balt-Rhein had a general who was manipulating each and every move in order to start a war between these two kingdoms, Mahmut couldn’t sit quietly but to start his own plan to defend and win against them. Now what was keeping Torqye people for attacking on the empire? Well of course its biggest the ratio of their overall army is around 10:1… They knew very well that a head on battle is meaningless, thats why Mahmut decided to form alliance with other kingdoms and fight against them on equal footing. So as we go along with the series, we get to see how Mahmut negotiates with other countries in order to make them his ally and picked up some good friends along the way.



The Golden Eagle General

Tughril Mahmut, is one of the characters whose name is derived from an Islamic Prophet. Its amazing how he could show so much determination in achieving a goal after what he went through. No matter what situation he was in, he never thought that he was alone since his best friend Iskandar ( a golden eagle ) was always by his side. His tribe specialized in raising and taming eagles, thats one reason why he was given the title of the golden eagle general. He had some kind of instrument tied to a string, and whenever he rotated the string, the instrument made some sort sound through which he could communicate with his friend. At the start he didn’t liked to talk to people coz meaningless talk was a waste of time for him, but later he realized that through this meaningless chatter, people get close to each other and form alliance. So his journey begun to search for the answers he wanted as to what it means to be a Pasha? Can conflicts get resolved just by talking? Can we bring peace without lifting any weapons? Well these all questions were in his mind when he went on his journey. He was kind to other people and always tried his best to help them out in any way he can, that sometimes lead to his downfall but after experiencing same thing again and again, he realized that this world can’t come to peace so easily, small sacrifices are necessary in order to attain peace.



Supporting Characters

Since the time when Mahmut was a little kid, he came across many amazing people who helped him out many times. His first friend was Sapka Ibrahim who wanted to become Vali of his hometown Hisar. He always encouraged Mahmut whenever he was feeling down or about to give up and thanks to that, he was able to achieve his dream. Then there is Zaganos Pasha, a man who is willing to go to any lengths to defeat the empire. He is an experienced member of the Divan General Council coz like Mahmut, he also became Pasha at a young age. So he usually keeps some valuable information from the spies sent across the country. He may not get along with Mahmut and think differently, but there goal is same. Then there is Halil Pasha who adopted Mahmut when he was still a 5 year boy and raised him like his own son. He always tries to look out for him and does his best to lighten the load of work for his youngsters. But being at the age and managing a council was not easy, not to mention fighting at the front lines which at the end lead to his demise. But altogether, he never lost hope in Mahmut and knew that he would create a world far beyond others beliefs. Then there are Cyrus and Abrigia. Cyrus was a Kulak from Phoenicia who joined with Mahmut to help him out achieve his goal and aid him. And Abrigia was also one of Mahmut’s personal aid who always stayed beside him. Cyrus is pretty good for odd jobs and collecting information, on the other hand Abrigia had some incredible reflexes and could take down 50 soldiers at once. All the other characters were pretty impressive in their own ways, especially how they handled each situation and took necessary steps and precautions as to whose side they want to join.



Best Moments

There were many times when even I felt bad for him after seeing how many hardships he had to go through. But it was for the good that he was stripped of his title, thanks to that he got to learn many other stuffs. As he kept on moving and learning more and more about the ways of different countries, he got some good experience as how other people manage these kind of struggles and how they survive. The only moments I enjoyed were the times when Mahmut kept evolving in knowledge, strength and bonds with other people. A boy who always believed that war can be resolved by not raising any weapons defeated many armies with his amazing strategies. It was amazing to see how he plans in the beginning, and everything goes according to his plan. He was pretty good at chess which helped him out a lot in assembling armies and fighting opponents even if he is at a disadvantage. He never lost hope and kept moving forward. Thats one of the reason why he inspired me and made me want to see him again and again everytime. Even though he knows he may end up failing, he still stands up and fights till the end alongside his friends so he can share the joy of victory with others.



Overall Experience

First I would like to say that this was one of the best historical anime i’ve seen so far. My first was Arslan Senki, but this one was able to beat it coz of many reasons. This series is much more inspiring compared to Arslan Senki since our main character gained his name and fame on his own strength, while prince Arslan already had a name since he was adopted by the king so forming Allies was simple. The way how Mahmut lived his life and had to take charge on every action was not that easy. The character development was pretty much good, though the only problem I had was remembering their real names so I gave them a nickname based on their appearance XD. The opening song was good not to mention the background theme was not too good or bad. The music in some places may make your emotions come out even if you don’t want it. So overall I really enjoyed this series, it was great to see how people of a nation are willing to do anything to save their homes and also the way how the strategies can be useful to win even a losing battle. I would personally recommend to those who are looking for adventure, action, historical and adventure series, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


『 SCORE ➤ 8.4 』

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2 thoughts on “Altair: A Record of Battles

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  1. Even though I stopped on episode 9 (I really need to finish off this anime), I really loved this anime from what I’ve seen, the world building and geopolitics being played. Mahmut is an interesting character that is a falconer – people who train birds of prey. And yeah, the OP and ED are awesome. Nice post too!! :D.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I would say you should try going through the whole series. The plot development was a bit slow but its sure gets pretty exciting and full of suspense from then. And afterall, there aren’t much good historical anime coming these days and for me, this one and arslan senki were the best, can’t wait for their next season.

      Liked by 1 person

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