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Love is Like a Cocktail

English Title- Love is Like a Cocktail

Japanese Title- お酒は夫婦になってから

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Oct 04, 2017 – Dec 27, 2017

Duration- 3 mins per ep

Producers- Tokyo MX, GYAO!

Genres- Slice Of Life, Comedy, Romance



After watching all those anime with intense actions, thrilling adventures, psychological suspense… I really wanted a series that would make me feel relaxed. After browsing a lot through 9anime, I stumbled upon this series, and what I saw in those 39 minutes, instead of disappointment, I felt a lot lively and watched it around 3 times. The others may disagree with my thoughts, but for me Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte Kara was like a jackpot of cutness. Its just so relaxing! Watching the daily life of a cute couple spending their time together with a light romance, it’s enough to make a tensed or grumpy person release his stress and watch it forever. Most of the people may admit that one of the few good things that happen in adulthood is alcohol. Its a.. Basically a legal drug which helps you find happiness and enjoy to the fullest. Well here you get to see that, plus an office lady flipping her moe gap switch and cuddling while getting drunk. I guess this is the best way for relieving stress, and anyone would love to have a husband like Sora who’ll offer a good drink after a bad or tiring day and prepare a freshly cooked dinner. Now without further duration, lets see what this series is all about…



The story is about a 28 year old employee named Mizusawa Chisato. During her office time she’s diligent, hard working and well respected among others. She helps others out in their work and even stays late of its necesaary. But even hard working people have a soft side. Once she gets home all tired and tensed from work, her husband helps her relax in the best way that every office working girl wishes for. In every episode we are introduced with some new recipes of making a delicious alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, and how these drinks help Chisato to release her stress and become all moe moe. The main theme in the series is Alcohol, as how this things can be used to create so many different foods. Aside from alcohol, the other thing that made this series popular was the relationship between the two characters, their love for each other, and their bonds plus how it all goes perfectly with the use of alcohol in those situations. Just like egg is the basic ingredient for non veg cuisine, same case is for alcohol in this anime.



Now lets talk about our main protagonist, Chisato Mizusawa. She is very much dedicated to her work and always tries to do her best each and everyday. Whenever she is at work, she looks a little bit plain with her reactions and doesn’t shows much emotions. Even if someone invites her for a drink, she politely declines there offer since she had a hidden side which she doesn’t wants to reveal in public. But once she reaches home, she gets all relaxed and comfy. It kindof reminds me of Umaru chan, how her apearance and personality changes when she reaches home and becomes so much demanding and stubborn. Here when Chisato’s husband offers her a drink containing alcohol, her face turns red, her shoulders loosens, and for some reasons she appears a lot younger and cute. At that moment she kindof looses her true self and says what she has in her heart without any fear. I don’t know what to say about her moe side, but its sooo damn cute! I could actually watch her my entire life and never get bored. And most of all, her love for her husband more than anything is really sweet, and is willing do anything to make him happy.



Next we have Chisato’s husband, Sora. Sora works as a bartender and had a lot of experience with different juices and drinks. He met Chisato on a rainy day when she fall outside his shop and dropped a squishy toy by accident. Later when she was taking shelter outside his shop, he invited her in and gave her the toy. At that time Chisato didn’t looked so lively and cheerful, it was like something important was missing from her life, that same thing goes for Sora. Both of them were pretty terrible in conversing, so the silence was broken with a glass of a mango cocktail. Chisato, wasn’t never had alcohol before but she really enjoyed it for her first time, and sooner or later, they became really close and got married. Well there pair suits perfectly, both of them have look cute when they blush, both of them work full time, both of them love each other the most and also if one likes making cocktails, other likes to drink. Sora usually does the household works since his job ends early, so he basically takes care of all household chores from cooking to cleaning. Its cute how he looks after Chi chan, he is kind of a dream boy for every girl who wants to live a happy life with lots of love.



I don’t think there is any husbando as loving and caring as Sora, he’s really the best. He knows very well how to spoil his wife by giving her everything a girl needs to stay happy. I think Chi chan looks much cuter and younger without her glasses, but either way when she drinks alcoholic cocktails… she opens her hair, takes off her glasses and becomes all comfy. I had such a good time watching this anime, not once but thrice. If it wasn’t a short series but had a duration of about 24 min pers ep, I would give it 10 without any second though. The thing that made this so much interesting is definitely the love between our cute couple, Sora and Chi chan. Now as for the character development, you can’t expect much since it doesn’t have a fixed story, nor focussed on a particular concept or situation. If you are looking for a good romance with interesting plot, this isn’t the best choice you should go with. Although if you want a relaxing and stress relief type anime, this is the best choice. The arts and animations were pretty good for a series of this length, and as for the music, it didn’t had much variety but its better than having nothing. Atleast they made it pretty successful despite the length of the series.


『 SCORE ➤ 8.0 』

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