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Elegant Yokai Apartment Life

English Title- Elegant Yokai Apartment Life

Japanese Title- 妖怪アパートの幽雅な日常

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Jul 03, 2017 – Dec 25, 2017

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- TMS Entertainment

Studios- Shin-Ei Animation

Genres- Slice Of Life, Mystery, Supernatural, Comedy



Most of the time, stories related to haunted mansions don’t really end well. But it was hard to believe that there is an anime where people and ghost live together happily in a mansion full of ghosts and monsters. It kind of makes you wanna experience the same thing… I mean living with different kinds of ghost and getting to know them sounds pretty cool, and even the ghosts in the apartment also seem pretty friendly and easy to approach. Even if it’s my first experience, I may not get used to it instantly. I mean living with ghosts who Live under the dark shadows, no idea when and where they will pop infront of you, it all kind of makes you feel as if your heart will pop out. The same case is here for our main protagonist who started living in an apartment filled with youkai and some humans, its interesting to see how he gets adapted to this place and the hardships he faces while living among them.



The story revolves around a guy named Inaba Yuushi. When he was in middle school his parents died in an accident resulting him to live with his relatives. He didn’t wanted to burden them or anything, but after living with them for quite a while, he noticed that his relatives are not comfortable of him living with them, bu didn’t said anything on the matter since they could understand how he must feel. His aunt usually kept a smile when he was around, but his uncle thought of him as a hinder in their lifestyle, same with their daughter. Later when he finisher his high school, he was kindof happy since he’ll be able to live alone in his own dorm room away from his relatives and not bothering them anymore. But luck wasn’t on his side when he heard that the dorm was on fire and it will take time for its construction. Now what can he do? He didn’t wanted to go back to his relatives place, nor he was able to find any rental apartment coz of money issues.



Things didn’t turned out his way, but he didn’t gave up and kept trying. Finally he came across an apartment which was looking for tenants and it was cheap as well. But it appearer way too cheap for a regular appartment, so of course he had some doubts about it. Later when he started his first daybliving there, he came to know that this apartment is not for only humans, but youkai as well. Means ghosts, monsters and other supernatural creatures lived there too. Now that was a big surprise for Inaba. He didn’t knew how to respond since at one time he was sure that ghost and stuffs are all just in stories, but after seeing so many in reality, he realized that this world is full of weird stuff. He wanted to leave, but he couldn’t coz after so many hardships he finally got a place to live. All he could do was try to adapt in that atmosphere and get along with others, it seemed pretty hard in the beginning, but sooner or later he got used to them and started to live his life like a normal student. So in every episode we get to see Inaba trying to adapt in their way of leaving and trying to find out more about the people living there.



Now lets talk about our main protagonist, Inaba Yuushi. Inaba never actually had friends from the time he was a kid. The reason for that was because his parents passed away in an accident which left him in trauma allowing him to shut his emotions from everyone else and always stayed in a corner. People also didn’t wanted to get involved with him because he was the type who didn’t liked it when people took pity on him or think of him as helpless. He had a hard time at the beginning of his middle school, but soon he was able to befriend with a guy who understood him very well, Hase. After graduating from middle school, he decided to live alone and not bother his relatives anymore, and to be honest he seemed kindof happy too since he always wanted to live alone. During his first visit at Youkai apartment, he was flustered and scared of the people around him, it was hard for him to differentiate between humans and ghosts, but later he got a nag for this thing and started to adapt in that atmosphere. He never actually met people who would care for him so much, thats one reason he decided to leave his dorm and kept living at youkai appartment. Inaba thought of himself as a normal human living among ghosts, but that was not true at all. For some reason he possessed the power to take someone else’s pain and absorb in his body. Soon after that he made a contract with a magic book with a variety of spirits, but most of them were pretty useless. This is how his life turned out after so many hardships which makes you feel a little happy for him.



Now lets talk about some of the supporting characters. At the top we have Hase. He is Inaba’s best friend since he was a little kid and always looked after him like his own brother. Hase’s family is quite wealthy but he doesn’t likes to show off or think that he is superior to others. He usaully hangs around youkai appartment during his days off and plays around with a younger ghost kid and his dog. He excels in almost everything, from sports, studies, and other stuffs too. Next we have Akine. She is also a high schooler who lives in the same apartment as Inaba. She’d been living there for quite a while, so she’s quite used to handling them since she works at a Youkai hospital. Akine is an exorcist as well, and knows how to fight against a bad spirit, she was the one who taught Inaba to control his spiritual power. Then there is Akira. He seem like muscle brain who likes to resolve his issues through violence. But he’s quite sensible when it comes to people at youkai appartment. Then there is Ryuu. He’s respected by everyone coz of his skills and his composed personality. He seems to understand humans and ghosts at the same level, which kindof makes him look cool. Lastly we have Chiaki. He’s one of my favourite characters coz he is the type of teacher who tries to form a relationship between his students and himself where they can share their thoughts and problems with no hesitation. He’s an excellent teacher and is loved by all the students and staff.



I won’t say that I regreted watching this coz the characters were not that appealing, or the music was bad. I definitely got to learn some stuffs from this series. Its true that calling itself a horror anime without any shred of scary scenes makes it look pretty lame. But on the other hand, the bonds between them and youkai is one thing that saved the day. I personally like the concept of how a kid who didn’t believed in ghosts started to live with them and later realized that he has some supernatural powers which he can use to help people. It was like those series where everything goes the way the main protagonist wants. The character development was pretty much average, same for the opening and ending music. I would recommend it to those who like goody goody type anime. Everyting seems nice and soothing when you see a family of ghosts and humans eating and drinking together. You may like this combination of horror and comedy together, it was my second time watching such combination after ghost hunt. So its not a must watch series, but if you want something to pass time, you can give it a try.


『 SCORE ➤ 7.6 』

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