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Net-juu no Susume

English Title- Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Japanese Title- ネト充のススメ

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Oct 10, 2017 – Dec 12, 2017

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- DAX Production, Flying DOG

Studios- Signal. MD

Genres- Comedy, Game, Romance



If we talk about our real life, its really hard to keep up with the flow of relationship. I mean, we never try to show our true self, instead we always try to give a good image even if we are facing any trouble. If we take an example of an office worker, he won’t come out and say that he’s frustrated with boss piling up loads and loads of work, or not even think of consulting with others since he has to keep a good profile with other employees. Its like the real life stress and job is keeping him to be open with others. Even when we are with our friends, we may share some of the things which we don’t with our parents, but still, asking those favours too makes us stiff and rigid infront of them and in the end we keep it hidden. Now this is where virtual relationships play a huge part. Mostly friends you made online are not much familiar about you, your personality, or about your personal life. So its easier to express your thoughts and problems freely without any further thoughts. Talking with online friends make you feel as if you have found a friend who is always there for you whenever you are in trouble, so in my opinion, online is really the best way to escape the suffocation and pain of everyday life. Now lets see what kind of case we are having here…



The story revolves around Morioka Moriko, a 30 year old dropout who used to work at corporate but decided to quit her job and spent the rest of the time playing MMO. She once used to play a game which was terminated, so she decided to go with a new one and downloaded a game called Fruits de Mer. This time she created a guy as for her main protagonist and by accident, named him Hayashi. At the beginning, Hayashi was just like other players, a total rookie, so he wasn’t able to beat monsters of higher level. Then he met a lovely cute girl named Lily who decided to help him out in his quest, and sooner or later they became good friends. Now it was pretty obvious that since it was an MMO, its better to team up and play with other players to make work easier, and by work I mean fighting monsters together by watching each others back. So then Hayashi joined a guild and made some good friends there like Lilac, Kanbe and others. Everything seemed so perfect that anyone could forget about his real life tensions and just wish to always stay with their online friends chatting and having fun together.



Now that Morioka became completely addicted to MMO, she gave it her first priority more than her own basic necessity. Well everything was going too well, so something was bound to happen when one day she accidently collided with a guy in real life and fainted. When she woke up, she found herself in the hospital. The man who accidently bumped into her was actually Lily, but Morioko still had no clue about it. He offered his mail so she can stay in contact with him if anything happens, and most of all, he was really nice to her which made her feel shy and embarrassed just thinking about him coz it was rare for her to talk to a guy for this long. To bring more twist, the convenience store Moriko usually visited had an employee named Fujimoto who was also in the MMO game Morioko played. Scratch that! He was actually her guild master, kanbe. Soon after that, Sakurai who was Lily in the MMO game started to have some suspicion about Morioko and the Hayashi character, and after putting all the pieces altogether, he came to know that Hayashi was actually her. Well world sure is a small place full of coincidences. Now it doesn’t takes much time when both our characters get to know each others truth and get all flustered and shocked, not to mention about their relationship in the previous game leads to a silent romance and in the end, we get to see a sweet happy ending, but only for season one. Thanks to episode eighth it was pretty easy to express the overall plot in simple words.



Now lets talk about our main protagonist, Morioko Moriko. She is relatable. Just because she wanted a break from all the stress of her 11 year job, she quit and spent the rest of her days playing MMO. My first impression of her totally made me think that she is a NEET like Kazuma from Konosuba, but a little advanced one. She was an Elite NEET, coz she decided to take the path of a shut in. Morioko had good looks at the time when she went to college, it was mostly due to make up. But now since she doesn’t works anymore, the only time she wents outside is when she had to buy food, drinks supply, plus the game points and bonus cards. And I personally think that she looks great with her makeup on, else in her shut in mode, her eyelashes are all distorted, dark circles under her eyes and messed up hair… Make it looks like as she’s still half asleep. Well she isn’t very good when comes to interacting with others, especially guyz. She gets all flushed and speaks in a low tone voice with a blushing face. In the end it was pretty great to see that she was finally able to meet her old MMO companion, and also her current best friend.



Next we have our second well known character, Sakurai Yuuta. Sakurai had some scuffles in his past due to which he felt down most of the time. After hearing about an MMO game called NanterSG, he gave it a try and thanks to that he was able to release some of his stress. After some time he met Morioko who went by the name Yuki, and soon after that both of them became really close, but unfortunately they couldn’t stay together much coz of her job and eventually left for a while. Sakurai got to meet her again but this time he met her in a girl avatar. Sakurai was never a good conversationalist so he messed up whenever it came to face to face convo. Specially around Morioko he always gets this weird feeling as if she was meant for her and wants to tell her how much he loves her, but was never able to build up the courage. Even if someone had to describe his personality just by looking at him, they can easily tell that he is a kind soul who cares for others and tries to help them out in their hard times. These things were pretty clear when he offered his muffler and coat when he was with her in the park in a cold weather, not to mention he never gets bothered by Morioko’s tummy who always interrupts whenever he tries to confess something with all his courage. In the end I’m happy that they both found out about their secret gender swap and became much closer in game as well as real life.



There are some things I liked about this series and some things didn’t. First it was great to see an anime which made such an impressive impact by merging a refined combination of MMO and romance. It was like the series was adapted from two anime, ReLife and SAO. Just like ReLife, we get to see a person who locked himself away from the world can find happiness once he/she makes friends. And if I talk about SAO, both of them followed the same concepts of MMO gaming. But there is still some differences between them. First are the backgrounds and visuals, for that SAO was at the top with its amazing scenaries and cool backgrounds, on the other hand this anime lacked a little bit of creativeness scenes it wasn’t all that amazing, made you think like we are watching the same type of background again and again. Then there is the background music, SAO’s music was like always, great and extreme, but after watching every scenes carefully, I noticed there were a lot of times when the background was left empty without any sound from there surroundings, it happened quite a lot of times. These are some of the demerits of this series, but the thing that beats even SAO was the character development and the flow of romance in air. This is the thing which made it worth watching, I mean in each of the episodes, some new coincidences and misunderstandings takes place leaving us in suspense at the end of each episode. Overall it was way better than other MMO’s and worth watching, so you can give it a try if you are into games and romance.


『 SCORE ➤ 8.5 』

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