Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari

English Title- Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas

Japanese Title- チェインクロニクル~ヘクセイタスの閃〈ひかり〉~

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Jan 08, 2017 – Mar 26, 2017

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- Bandai Visual, Sotsu, Sega

Studios- Telecom Animation Film

Genres- Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic



Well I’m still searching for a mixed action plus adventure anime which will literally make an awesome impact from its first episodes, and as many people said that this anime had potential to do so, but at some points they really screwed up which led to its downfall. I mean starting from the middle of nowhere and ending at the middle of somewhere without even telling when and where it all actually started. This series sure had been popular if they actually showed a little bit about our characters past and how all this chaos started in the first place. In the middle, it kindof seemed if there was an anime series for Lord of the rings, it probably would be something like this, where every type of beings come together to defeat a single enemy. It really feels great when you see people from different countries forming an alliance and fighting together. Especially I don’t have any fixed type of genre, but I usually like those anime where I get to see teamwork and cooperation between many parties. Well I expected more from this anime, but still I never felt bored in any of the episode. Now lets take a look what happened in this series…



The story starts with a huge battle going on between an army of black knights and an army of our heroes. It was an amazing site to see different breeds of humans fighting alongside each other. Humans, Ogres, Sages, Dwarfs all fighting together in order to get rid of the black king. Just like any other hero and demon anime, it was alao the same where the Dark King’s goal was to take over the world and fill it with complete darkness coz from what he said, the world will surely come to an end at one point and there is no such thing that lives forever, so its better to give up now and be killed… Thats how he felt. But the heroes wanted to live there life as they could till the day when everything will come to an end, this led to an intense battle between our main protagonist Yuri and the black king, but in the end Yuri lost and the black king got his hands on the chain chronicles ( it was a book which contained the origin of the whole world ) and half of the continent was under this black fog like thing which was resisting them to use there mana anymore. Our heroes lost, which was also a big shock to there allied forces. After regrouping away from the Black king’s castle, they all went there own ways.



Yuri and his group decided to move back their own capital but along the way, the site was unbearable. All the plants, trees, they were all dying. People had hateful looks on their faces which showed that they were expecting them to come back victorious, this made Yuri to loose his self more and more drowning in the depths of darkness, but it was lit again when he met a kid named Aram who was trying to protect an entire village from a group of black army all by himself. Seeing him he thought that if he tried again, maybe there is a chance that he’ll win. So he recruited him and afte decided to regroup his scattered army from scratch. To me, it was really hard to decide as who was the real main protagonist, Aram or Yuri? Yuri seemed to be quite experienced and popular with his friends and the people around him, while Aram stayed with their group longer compared to Yuri in those 12 episodes and he seemed to have a lot of determination and will power to defeat the black army. Well many things happened along the way as they kept regrouping up there forces, but in the end, everything went well when our heroes army fought against the dark king again and this time they defeated him without much casualties.



Now lets talk about our main characters. First we have Aram. We didn’t get to know much or maybe anything about Aram’s past, all we know that he hates the Black King’s army more than anything and is ready to go to any lengths to defeat him. He is pretty much straight forward, its pretty obvious coz till the day he met Yuri, he always thought that humans and the black king’s army are the only things that exist on the planet. He has got the same determination and strength just like Yuri, though he was all alone before but thanks to his courage, he found a place where people accepted him as a friend. He is pretty shy around girls of his age, especially around Phoena and I think if Yuri was not involved in that love triangle, she would have definitely fallen for him. Aram doesn’t really likes it when strong people take advantage of weak, he was also one of the weak people when his village was destroyed, then he realized that if you wanna live in this cruel world, you have to become stronger. Not only that, Aram possessed the power to steal mana from one person and transfer it to another person which was quite useful in their everyday battle, and it was mentioned that the light of haecceitas was referred to him.



Next he have Yuri. Just like Aram, we didn’t get to know about his past as well. The only thing that was mentioned that he used to be just like a normal kid but after getting attacked by black Army one day, he decided to get stronger so he can protect everyone, and one day when he thought that he was capable of wielding a weapon, his village was attacked out of nowhere and evwn though he defeated the soldiers, evwryone was already dead. This is what made him want to defeat the black King. He is pretty easy to approach and talk to, not only that he is kind to everyone from strong to weak. It was amazing how he could lead such a big army by himself, and how much frustrated he must be when he lost to the Black King. But still I really wanted to know much more about his past and how he was able to convince them to fight alongside him. From the way he talks, it appears as he had seen the world more compared to anyone else. As for his partners, they are pretty amazing too, in personality as well as in their fighting style.



When I was about to start watching this series, I was wondering why is it that people had given it such horrible scores. After watching, I did felt that there was something really important lacking in the series which might be the reason for it. The story was amazingly put together with some really awesome action and adventure scenes, after watching all this, anyone would get the urge of knowing the past about these characters. I mean they all looked so close to each other that it is hard not to think what our main character had to do to convince them to join forces with them. If the series had normally started from the time when Yuri decided to go on his journey, and showed each and every stage where he befriended with everyone and trained hard to become stonger. I know this may have taken another one or two seasons but it was all to make the story more interesting and worth watching. In the end people didn’t liked it coz of the way it started and ended. Even I was wondering if they’ll end with a spin off at the end, but I was surprised that it really ended withing 12 episodes. Well I guess that’s what you should expect from an anime which was adapted from a game. Overall everything was good, the character development, the opening and ending theme and the background. If you want to watch this series, then just a little warning that you won’t be able to know much about what happened in the past, so you just have to go along with what you are currently watching.


『 SCORE ➤ 7.2 』

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  1. I had never heard of this anime, and I might give this a shot at some point. I do think it’s interesting how you crafted an opinion that’s different from what most people have been saying while giving legitimate points. That’s something I respect. I certainly have a habit of making opinions that can be different than the norm when I review anime or movies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. To be honest my policy is never to judge an anime from its MAL score since people’s opinion might vary depending upon their tastes. And this anime didn’t gained much popularity thanks to some of its limitations in the plot and character development, but in the end it was pretty much average.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome. That’s a good policy in general. There have been times where I go into an anime or movie blind where I don’t look at any scores which makes sure my opinions are untainted.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m doing great. Glad to have you back. Sorry for the late reply, I was working on a college presentation. Anyway, i’ll be waiting for your new blogs 🙂


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