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New Game!

English Title- New Game!

Japanese Title- ニューゲーム

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Jul 04, 2016 – Sep 19, 2016

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- Movic, AT-X, Delfi Sound

Studios- Doga Kobo

Genres- Slice of Life, Comedy



As you can tell from the title that this anime is based on making games, so before starting, lets take a look how the team structure is followed out. First at the top we have producer and under that is the director who oversees everything, then if we move below we have the graphic team which is divided into the environment team, character team, animation tean, and effect team. Here we have the character designer who leads the character team. Well this is how everything is categorized. This anime was already good enough by giving us a little peek at how a game is really made, how much they have to work out in order to create a single game, how much time it takes to create a single character, and how much they have to suffer when the deadline is near. Now the thing that made it a little more interesting is how we get to see a newbie trying to settle in in those situations and how she did her best to reach closer and closer to the person she acknowledged when she was little. Lets learn more about the anime starting from the plot…



During her childhood, Suzukaze Aoba was a big fan of a game series called ” Fairies Story “, especially the character design. Once she graduated from her high school, she decided to chase her goal of working under the character designer whom she admired so much, and thanks to her talent and skills, she qualified the interview and started her work at her dream company ” Eagle Jump “. The problems a normal person would face at his/her first day of work were the same for Aoba. She had some troubles in the beginning like communicating with others, asking for favours, following orders etc. Aoba got to meet her aspiring character designer, Yagami Kou and came to know that from this day she had to work in character team under her guidance. Aoba got to meet some of the members working with her and made friends with them after opening up a bit. Later she was told that the new project that their team was working on was none other than ” Fairies Story 3 “. It was like a dream come true for her to work under her favourite character designer and creating the 3rd series of the game.



Even though Aoba was accepted into the company, it wasn’t expected that she’ll be able to work starting from day 1. She was asked to learn about 3D modelling since till now she only drew 2D characters. Not long after that she was assigned her first work of creating NPC characters. Although Aoba had just started working, she was showing some good results and Yagami Ko had high expectations for her. The first season goes on with her working on the NPC’s and knowing the other members of her team a little better, not to mention the workload they had to go through when the deadline for submitting their original work came closer. In the end they were able to finish the game and it turned out to be a huge success. The second series follows with the next game assignment where a competition was organised in order to decide for their next series with a new character designer. Aoba’s work was somehow selected even though she was a noob, while Yagami’s work was rejected. They had a little trouble making up for this since Aoba thought it was her fault that Yagami’s sketches were not selected. But they both worked together and gave equal contribution to their next fantasy series ” Peco “. And ofc, when everything was finished and the game was released, it turned out to be a big hit too.



Now lets talk about our main protagonist, Aoba Suzukaze. Aoba looks more like a middle schooler even though she had graduated high school and had started a full time job. But be that as a may, she still had childish behaviours and personality. Knowing the fact that she had to act more like a grown up still she isn’t in high school, she pretends to be a grown up, but fails in a comical way. She is pretty good in remembering stuff and also learning things without much assistance. At first, she had troubles when she joined the company, it was hard to get used to a place with new faces around, but Aoba was a kind, caring and determinant girl who did her best not to cause any trouble for others or slowing down their work. Its not like Aoba was the only one who started to change when she arrived, some other people started to evolve their emotions a little too, like Yagami Kou and Hifumi. Yagami could still talk to her team without much problem, but Hifumi had a hard time conversing with anyone. But thanks to Aoba, she started to open up a little and show her beautiful smile. In the end, Aoba was able to achieve her goal of switching from making NPC’s to MC and made quite a name for herself in the company.



Now lets talk about our supporting characters. Starting from Yagami Kou. She was the character team leader in the first season and later became AD. She is a hard worker and does her best to instruct her team bringing out good results. She doesn’t likes to dress up and show off as she is always seen wearing the same outfit everyday, and gets really embarrassed when someone calls her cute, despite the fact that she is cute. She was always like a supporting pillar so everyone respects her a lot. Next we have Sakura Nene. Sakura was Aoba’s childhood friend who used to study with her till highschool. When Aoba decided to chase her goal by joining Eagle Jump, she continued her studies in university. After an internship in Aoba’s company as a debugger, she found that the people there were a little strange, but it kindof felt like home and helped her to learn new things. So she decided to join the same company as Aoba as a programmer in order to learn a lot more from her superior Umiko. To be honest, all the characters were pretty interesting and contributed equally for each game they created together.



It was great to come across a series where you get to see a person trying to do his best on his first day of work and trying to settle in. I found almost everything interesting from characters to the plot, not to mention the cute characters. Wellit was a surprise that there were no male protagonists, but in a way bit was better like this coz female characters are more expressive compared to male. Well if we talk about the opening and ending theme, it reflected a lot about the daily life of Aoba and her team and it was also pretty cute. The background pretty much reminded me of an office I once visited and it was perfect match for each team designated a specific position to do their work. The thing I liked the most was the charater development, it was amazing to see characters who don’t even looked highschoolers to be so good in their work with their talent in their specific fields. If I had to recommend this series, those who are into anime with only female characters should go with it or those who wants to get a glimpse of how a game is made, then you can check it out. I really want to see another season for this, and I’m sure you’ll have the same thought once you finish the series.


『 SCORE ➤ 8.8 』

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