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Gabriel DropOut

English Title- Gabriel DropOut

Japanese Title- ヴリールドロップアウト

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Jan 09, 2017 – Mar 27, 2017

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- Media Factory, AT-X

Studios- Doga Kobo

Genres- Comedy, Demons, Supernatural, School, Shounen



Gabriel Dropout was a really good entertainment for me. Like everyone, I also looked at Gabriel Dropout in two ways. One is as a CGCDT( Cute Girls Doing Cute Things ) anime, and other is as a comedy. Many people might have this question, what sort of lifestyle would an angel pursue if she came down to earth? She may take some time to get used to stuffs like going to school, cooking, doing household chores, and using technologies she’d never encountered before. Well here we aren’t talking about only angels, but demons as well. It kindof makes you excited as what sort of comedy routine they follow each day and mess things up. But don’t you think it would be a huge problem if they started to follow a wrong track? I mean Earth is filled with all sorts of distractions and things which may change a person from who he was. Thats something we are going to see in this series. Now then, lets try to see how our little angels and demons started to live on earth and how it changed their lifestyle completely.



The story revolves around a cute blonde angel named Gabriel Tenma White. The story starts in the heavens where we get to know that in order for young middle school angels to become full fledged angels, they had to visit the human world to complete their futher studies. Now Gabriel or Gab for short graduated the academy in heavens with the highest score and aimed to bring peace and happiness to all of the mankind. Well most people might believe her after seeing how much pure and angelic she was. But once she came down to earth, things started to change and lead to a whole new twist in her lifestyle, as well as her personality. She woke up early as usual, cleaned her room till there was no spec of dirt, attended her school on time, helped out her friends if they needed any assistance, came back home after doing a little bit of shopping, finished her homework before dinner, prepared and ate her dinner on time, and finally went to sleep early and waited for a new day to come.



Well thats how her lifestyle WAS before becoming a hikikomori ( Shut-in ). She kindof got influenced by an MMO where someone needed help and since it was in her nature to help people no matter if they are real or virtual, she jumped into the gaming world and started to help everyone out as a priest. For her, she might think of this as a good thing coz in the end she was helping others, but she became so addicted to it that for her real life help could go to hell. Their was a major change in her personality after that. She gave up on going to school, keeping her room clean, doing her homework.. Scratch that! She couldn’t even follow one thing on her routine now. She was starting to become.. what we call a fallen angel. Not to mention she had a friend named Vigentte a demon who always tried to bring Gab back to her senses, but this is where the fun lies when she either ignores her or does something more stupid. Well thats how it goes, there are other cute girls too either demon, angel or human who having their own traits of craziness, but thats what makes this anime more interesting.



Now lets talk about our cute main protagonist, Gabriel Tenma White. Gab ( her nickname ) used to be one of the honourable students when she graduated from heavens. At that time, anyone could tell her from her personality that she was pure, innocent, hard working, determined, smart and friendly. But all of this changed when she got addicted to MMO games and became a shut-in. After all the hard work she did till now, it all seemed to be a waste when she threw away her dignity of an honourable angel and started to bunk school. Gab had the intention of bringing happiness to everyone when she came to earth, but after her change or fate, humanity could go to hell, all she cared about now is snacks and video games. Her friends even tried their best to change her, but it was of no use. But even how she is, she still cares for her friends and looks after them whenever they need help, and opposite way around. I always thought she looks cuter in her otaku mode with her hair all messed up and her sharp tone



Now lets talk about some of our supporting characters. First lets meet Vignette April Tsukinose. She is the most gentle and kind hearted among all of Gab’s friend. Even though she is a demon, she still have good manners and does everything with good intentions in mind. Just like Gab who had fallen from the realm of angels to demons, she’s quite the opposite one coz she is way too good and kind for a demon. She always looks out for Gab and others and help her out in any way she can so that Gab can return to her previous state. Then we have Raphiel Ainsworth Shiraha. She is also an angel like Gab and her childhood friend, she isn’t in the same class as Vignette and Gab but often comes by to mess around. She seem quite gentle, soft toned and innocent, but inside she is a bit of a sadist who loves to see Satania suffer. Well she does acts like a demon sometimes but is much better than Gab. Lastly we have Satanichia McDowell Kurumizawa. Out of all four, she seems like the only one who TRIES to act like a demon, but her intimidation doesn’t gives a scary vibe. In the end she always gets caught in Raphie’s trap and looks miserable, but still she never loses her character and tries to act like the self proclaimed future ruler of underworld.



It was fun watching something different for a change. And it also taught a moral of how addiction to games can lead to becoming a total shut in. At first Gabriel Dropout seems nothing special and doesn’t stands out, but after going through the whole series, I realized how much fun it was. Character development was pretty good, I guess that was the thing which kept this series running. The art and animation was lively and colorful, not to mention the facial expression suited perfectly with the colorful background. No problem with the opening and ending theme, it was all well blended with the type of the series. Overall it was a good series for passing time. I would recommend it to those who love series with cute little girls and slice of life genre with comedy. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.


『 SCORE ➤ 8.0 』

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