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Sakura Quest

English Title- Sakura Quest

Japanese Title- サクラクエスト

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Apr 06 2017 – Sep 21, 2017

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- AT-X, Houbunsha, TOHO Animation, BS11

Studios- P.A. Works

Genres- Slice of Life, Comedy



Job hunting has gotten pretty difficult these days. Even a talented person who excels in studies and is also good in his studies isn’t able to get a job just because he/she’s bad in interacting with others. Well ofc communication skills plays a huge part when someone isbout for an interview. Most colleges mostly focus on the technical knowledge throughout the year and in the end people who may have gained the top ranks but are never made any friends coz they suck at communicating find themself in quite a bind. Well the story we are going to talk about today is also somewhat related to this, but the circumstances are a little different here. We don’t really get to know if she was good in her studies and how she scored during her exams, but by the way she was interacting at her 32nd interview kindof made me think that she was way too optimistic even though she was busted in all other interviews, and more like her luck factor was not good enough. Now then, lets try to learn more about the story.



The story revolves around Yoshino Koharu, a recent college graduate who is in search for a job. Originally she came from a country, but since she didn’t wanted to spend a normal life, she came to tokyo to complete her studies and get a job. But due to some unfortunate reasons, she wasn’t accepted in any of the 32 companies she applied. Soon after that she was called out to a place with a one day job offer but turned out it was a mistake from the source and she was mistaken for an actress who died 8 years ago. Well now that she was here, she thought of giving the job a try which was being queen of the kingdom of Chupakabara. The kingdom was located in a ghost town with very low population. This was one reason why they wanted to revive this place, Manoyama, and in order to do that Yoshino was brought. Her job was to be the queen of that place and help it get popular again by showing off things which are popular in that place, but there weren’t many things which could hold any value. Yoshino was first determined to get out of that place, but after seeing the determimation of the board community, she decided to volunteer. She became the queen and with the help of four other girls ( her ministers ) she decided to help out the town in many ways to make it lively again.



Now lets talk about our main protagonist or lets say the queen of the kingdom of Chupakabara, Yoshino Koharu. She is pretty self confident, lively, energetic and sometimes self conscious too. She is the type who can’t leave someone suffer after knowing about their past and thats one reason why she decided to accept the job of becoming the queen. Well she was planning to leave the next day since she thought it was a one day contract, but didn’t realized that she read it wrong and the contract was for an year. She always tries her best to live up to others expectation by always thinking something creative, but the probability of success is always so and so. But its great that she spends a little less time on regrets and starts to plan for her next big event. She is my best character in this series, first is because of her smile that could cheer almost anyone, second she thinks about others more than herself, and third she reminds me a lot of Megumin from konosuba. I mean her voice and liveliness not her personality. She could reject the job of becoming the queen, but she also had some memories attached to that place and also wanted to help the people there and make it full bloom town from ghost town.



Now lets talk about some of our supporting charcaters. First we have Shinomiya Shiori. Shiori is a very timid and gentle person who has lived and experienced a lot of changes in Manoyama. She worked at the board of tourism before becoming Queen’s minister. She isn’t the type who is good with labour work but is very good in cooking, not to mention she does her best to help out the town since it is the only place where she belongs and she never wants to let it disappear. Next we have Orike Ririko. She is pretty quite person who doesn’t likes to be very expressive. She studied with Shiori in the same school, but she always thought she’s weird since no one talked to her. She is pretty good with internet, not to mention she is interested in unidentified creatures more than anyone. Next we have Midorikawa Maki. Maki used to work as a part time actress in Tokyo, but since it was pretty hard for her to maintain her work, she came to her home town Manoyama. She is pretty confident type who is good in expressing herself, well maybe its thanks to her acting career. She had also done part time at many places so she’s got a lot of exerience at other stuff too. She likes to eat and sleep aside from helping out the queen. Finally we have Kouzuki Sanae. She used to work as a web designer, but due to hard time in Tokyo, she came to Monoyama to relax. She was the IT minister and handled all of the internet promblems. She acts mature but is very scared with bugs. Well these are our Queen’s minister who helped her out in every tough situation and always found a path to success.



To be honest this series helped me to relax quite a bit. I was looking for something like this for quite sometime which kindof followed the same concept of reviving something like Amagi Brilliant Park. Well the story is what makes this interesting. I mean five girls, each having a speciality in something, doing their best to revive a ghost town. Well it wasn’t an easy task since they had to face a lot of problem in the beginning. I’m pretty impressed by how Yoshino handled so much pressure even though she didn’t belonged to that town. She decided to learn more about them so she could use it for their advantage. It was fun how in every episode they tried something new, sometimes they succeeded, sometimes they failed, but every time they had fun doing it with a lot of learnings. The animation and visuals were pretty good, combined by such a relaxing background music, it kindof reminded me a lot of a village’s atmosphere. The opening and ending song were good too, it was somewhat related to Queen’s everyday life. Well I had a lot of fun, so if you are looking for something with good slice of life plot, you should definitely check it out.


『 SCORE ➤ 8.2 』

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