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English Title- Ro-Kyu-Bu ~ Fast Break!

Japanese Title- ロウきゅーぶ

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Jul 01, 2011 – Sep 23, 2011

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- AT-X, Magic Capsule, Warner Bros.

Studios- Barnum Studio, Studio Blanc

Genres- Ecchi, Sports, Comedy, School



I was recommended to watch this series by someone else, and this show is really like a cross over between the amazing adaptation of Slam Dunk and Kodomo no Jikan. Not many sports involve play where we get to see some cute little elementary girls play basketball. I mean just looking at their height and physique, its hard to believe how they can run with that ball and throw it into the basket. Well its not like they follow the same rule as middle school or high school game of basketball, the weight and size of ball is different, and the overall quarters are also reduced. But I was amazed that this was the only anime where the main character starts of as a normal person instead of a lolicon, well there are some people who are not into lolis, but if they get even a single glance of the cuteness of these little female players, they’ll definitely give away everything just so that they can get a single hug from these cute lolis. I know you’ll find it pretty unbearable to watch if you have seen amazing basketball based anime like KnB and Slam Dunk, but I didn’t watched this series for the sports, i watched it since its kind of relaxing in a way, little girls playing basketball following some different rules and doing a lot of mistakes, its just so cute and funny. Now then, lets see what the story is all about



The story revolves around Hasegawa Subaru who just entered Nanashiba high just to be a part of their elite basketball team. But the team didn’t even lasted weeks when a news arrived that the captain of the team was having an inappropriate feelings for the coach’s underaged daughter. It was decided that the team will be disbanded for an year, till then Hasegawa had nowhere to go and slowly started to lose motivation. Just then his sister who was a teacher in an elementary school asked him to coach a basketball team consisted of female players since they were having a little dispute and might end up getting disbanded too. Subaru didn’t wanted to see something like that happen to others so he decided to volunteer and become their coach. To his surprise all of them seemed pretty inexperienced aside from a girl named Tomoko. Thanks to her he gain his motivation back of reviving the basketball team and started to coach them by giving them tips after school and preparing a training regimen. In the end he took that job to coach them only for 3 days, but after seeing how they all loved basketball so much, he decided to continue coaching them till the end.



First lets talk about our main protagonist, Hasegawa Subaru. Subaru had been playing basketball since he was a little kid. He always does his best to win every matches and tries to learn something new by watching his opponents carefully. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to participate in any matches, thanks to the taboo committed his team captain. He was ready to leave playing basketball for good, but after watching a couple of elementary school girls doing their best, just so that they can keep their club safe really inspired him and made him want to continue playing basketball. As I said before, it was pretty surprising that Hasegawa didn’t started as a lolicon, but as the series progressed, he was starting to turn into one. Well to be honest, it seemed kind of hard to resist those cute girls seductive charm. He on the other hand is a kind and understandable person who does his best to keep his instincts suppressed. Well he is pretty good in playing basketball, but aside from that he is average in other sports, which include studies as well. In the end he always does his best to motivate those girls to try hard and even if they get discouraged, he cheers them up and gives them a purpose to play.



Next lets talk about some of our cute supporting characters. First we have Minato Tomoka. She is pretty good in basketball and had been playing it from a long time. Tomoka always had this goal of winning every matches she played, and coz of her sticking up so much with winning, she wasn’t able to make any friends. But thanks to this new school, her talent was appreciated and she got to make many friends. She may seem the most mature among the four but also gets kindof shy when she’s around Subaru. Then we have Hakamada Hinata. She’s like the most adorable character in the whole series. If I had to make my top ten loli list, she’ll definitely be in my top three. Despite her small height, she has a charm which melts everyones heart, and when she calls out by saying Onii chan… no one could resist her request. She isn’t very good with the game, but tries her best so that she could remain and play Basketball with everyone. Then we have Misawa Maho. She belongs from a wealthy family and also the most lively among all of them. She is a quick learner and learns anything just by trying it a few times. She was inspired to play basketball after watching Tomoka, and from that day, she decided to build a club and gave her everything into learning more about it. Next there is Kashii Airi. Airi is the tallest among all of them, but doesn’t likes it when people use words such as small and tall. Well she has a height complex which sometimes turns out to be a disadvantage during her practice. She gets scared of a lot of things but tries her best to overcome them and don’t cause much trouble for everyone else. Finally we have Nagatsuka Saki. She is a calm and composed type person who tries to solve quarrels and problems among others and plays a major role behind the scenes. Well she may not look like it, but she was the first to encourage Tomoka to go after Subaru in order to form a relationship. Well this is all for our cute basketball team.



Cute girls doing cute things.. This is how most people call these kind of series. Personally I had to say I really enjoyed this series, not because it involved my favourite sport, its coz I got to see little kids play basketball with the goal of becoming more good in their skills. I imagined this while watching that maybe when the generation of miracles were in elementary, they must have shown the same determination too probably. But its admiarble that despite their disadvantage in many fields involving height, skills, stamina, they were still able to win so many matches and learnt something new from each and everyone of them. I would like to recommend this series to those who are a lolicon XD or are into the sports of basketball. I am sure you’ll have fun.


『 SCORE ➤ 7.6 』

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