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Koi wa Ameagari no You ni

English Title- Love is like after the rain

Japanese Title- 恋は雨上がりのように

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Jan 12, 2018 – Mar 30, 2018

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- Aniplex, Dentsu, Fuji TV, DMM Pictures

Studios- Wit Studio

Genres- Seinen, Romance



Well not many anime involve relationship with a big age gap. And its not like having relationship between those type of people is forbidden. Just to be clear, I am not talking a relationship between a 11 year old loli and a 22 year old guy.. This one seems to be acceptable and a lot mature and pure. I’ve been looking for a series where I could watch a light romance with a relaxing atmosphere. Most of the time, the relaxment we get here is due to the rain, and I think its like the main character of the series. These kind of relationships are hardly seen coz they are not acceptable in the society. For an example a guy who is 40 years old, marry a girl who is just 15 can lead to lot of problem in the future, money or family affair maybe two different things, but age gap may lead to a lot of problem for the girl and her child. Call it speculation but it has happened in the modern society, and ofc the anime society too. Well then lets try to learn what is the real story behind this series and does those kind of relationships are acceptable here or not.



The story revolves around our main protagonist, Akira Tachibana, a soft spoken girl who used to be an elite member of the track team. As I said used to be because she hurt her leg during practice and due to that she can’t run properly anymore. Ofc she tried that once whe she was trying to deliver a customers cell phone but ended up opening her wound again. Her club life was over and had nothing to do since she thought they had no use for her anymore. Well it all started on a rainy day when she visited a family restaurant to take shelter from the rain, there she had her faithful encounter. She fall in love with the manager of the restaurant, reasons still unknown. Well i guess there are no reason to fall in love but this one was a little too sudden and strange. In the end she started to work their as a part timer to stay close to him and wait for the chance to express her feelings. Now the question arises will he accept the confession knowing that a 17 year old girl is saying I love you to a 45 year old man? Well thats something which is still in progress till episode 6, so we can find out how it’ll turn out from the further episodes.



Now lets talk about our main protagonist, Akira Tachibana. Akira is a 17 year old girl in high school. She is fond of sports and used to be in the track team. After an accident she quit the track team and decided to stay away from sports for a while. She doesn’t really have any other interests since all she does is space out or look towards the sky. She decided to work as a waitress at a family restaurant so she can stay close to a certain someone she fall in love with at first site. She doesn’t look like the type who is that much expressive or even fall for someone, but it was hard to believe she fall for someone who was around two to three times older than her. Mostly she watches him while working and whenever he starts a conversation, she often replies while blushing which make her look so cute and adorable. She has good looks and i guess anyone could fall for her easily, but she doesn’t cares about other peoples feelings as long as her feelings are accepted by him. I still never found out what is the thing that made him like him, was it because he gave her coffee on the house, or is it becaus of that magic trick? Well its something which keeps me in a lot of suspense so I can’t wait to hear about her reason for liking him.



Now lets talk about our second main protagonist, Kondou Masami. He is the manager of a family restaurant named The Garden Cafe. He is a 45 year old man who got divorced from his wife and started to live on his own. Well he also had a child, probably around 10 or 12 who often comes by to check on him. My first impression of him was a bit weird, i mean looking at him makes you think that he must be a crude and dishonest person, but when I saw him talk to someone, my opinion of him completely changed as he was much gentler than he looks. He is very apologetic and forgiving type of person, even if it isn’t his mistake he starts apologizing and if someone causes trouble, he forgives them without making any scene. Well I really wished all restaurant had manager like that who wouldn’t yell if I broke a plate or two. But some of his co workers think that coz of this nature he looks pathetic and that may be the reason why his wife left him. Well he always tries to support everyone with all he’ve got but fails to create a proper conversation. The biggest surprise for him was the time when Akira cofessed to him. First he thought it must be a joke or dream, but after seeing her all serious about this, he was forced to do so but deep inside he still thinks that she is wasting her youth on an old man like him. I think their pair is quite compatible and hope both of them get together soon.



I am not really a big fan of romance based anime, but with comedy this light plus relaxing atmosphere.. Its gotta be the best one so far. Well I am really enjoying this strange relationship between the manager and Akira and each episode makes me wonder how much are they going to progress this time. Well she may not have gotten her answer till now, but I think the manager still looks at her as his Kouhai instead of a lover. But you never know, things are starting to get pretty romantic and now both of them have started to know about each other a lot. I don’t think he’ll face any problem after marrying her since both of them have somethings in come like, both of them love literature and both of them are suck at conversing. The character development was really great, its amazing how we get to see so many emotions from a girl who wasn’t expressive at all. The art and background may seem a little old, but that is what which makes this series gold and extraordianry. The opening and ending theme were relaxing, made me want to hear it again and again. Finally I would recommend it to those who are looking for seres with relaxing atmosphere and good slice of life plot. And I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it.


『 SCORE ➤ 8.8 』

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