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English Title- Shirobako

Japanese Title- シロバコ

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Oct 09, 2014 – Mar 26, 2015

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- Sotsu, Movic, Warner Bros., KlockWorx, Showgate

Studios- P.A. Works

Genres- Comedy, Drama



Its been so long since I started watching anime and right now if you’d ask if I love anime? I would reply, Ofc I do. And most of us love anime, thats one of the reason why we are here. Well we all have fun watching anime, sometimes we smile, sometimes we cry, sometimes we love, sometimes we hate, sometimes we critisize, sometimes we apologise… As you can see anime helps us to show so many emotions which we might not be able to show in real life. But sometimes we ignore to face the reality thinking of the world behind an anime as real and forget that in the end there is a backstaff working hard day and night to make each and every episode. Well watching an episode doesn’t takes much time, an average episode is of about 24 mins and it kindof finishes to be honest. When an episode ends we get to see the names of the people who were involved in making the episode, and its also true that 99% people don’t bother to go through it. Think about it, the episode whiich we take about a few minutes to finish takes about a few weeks of hard work from more than 40 staff members, thats what we are going to see in this series how many problems they had to face to air an entire anime.



The story revolves around Miyamori Aoi and her friends Ema Yasuhara, Midori Imai, Shizuka Sakaki, Misa Todou, from Kaminoyama highschool who made an Animation club together coz of their love for anime. They made a short anime film for the cultural festival and once the upperclassmen of the club graduated, they all aimed to find a job in an anime industry and make a mainstream anime together. Since that day, some of them are working for different companies in anime field while others are either a trainee or still a student. Well here we get to take a look in Miyamori Aoi’s company named Musashino Animation where they got a big project after a long time. It was her first project and didn’t knew that its going to be hell once the work starts, and the project they were given was named ” Exodus “. Aoi and Ema landed in the same company, one as a production assistant while the other one as an animator, and ofc both have equal shares of problems. Misa secured a job in a company where they got to do 3D modelling of cars. Shizuka worked part time at a family restaurant but still felt lot stressed out coz she wasn’t able to qualify in any of the interviews in voice acting, and Midori was still a college student. The fun lied during the production of Exodus where we get to see Aoi and the production desk to struggle for so many thing, from writing the fey frames to dubbing. But thats what makes it more enjoyable when they finally finish their job and get to see the episode made by them airing on television.



Now lets talk about our main protagonist, Miyamori Aoi. Since her highschool, Aoi was not good in writing scripts, drawing, voice acting and computer graphics. Even after failing so many interviews coz of nervousess and inexperience, she was able to get a job in Musashino Animation not because of her skills, its because they lacked members. Well she wasn’t cut out for work where people had to sit, think and write, she was the production assistant and her main job was to take care of the scripts and key visuals of certain episode where she had to deliver the cuts on time and travel around to negotiate with other company members. Well her job wasn’t easy, starting from 10a.m. in the morning till midnight sure is tough. Sometimes she thinks if this is where she belongs or if she is doing the right thing, but after working with the people at Musashino animation, she started to feel at home as she started to learn more and more about their personal life and their importance in the team. She is pretty cheerful and lively most of the time, even during her work she tries to show no sign of stress and discomfort to others and keeps it up till the end of the day.



Next we have some of our supporting characters. Lets start with Ema. Ema used to draw the key visuals and cut scenes when they were in highschool, and coz of her love for drawing she decided to join as an animator. Luckily she got the job in the same company as Aoi. At first she had a hard time coz till now she may have been good in drawing, but what was necessary right now was speed which she lacked. But thanks to encouragement from some of her co workers, she got the hang of it. She is not very expressive and also a little shy, but knows how to give a beautiful smile. Next there is Shizuka. Shizuka always wanted to be a voice actor and dubbed most of the characters voices during the her first amatuer anime in highschool. She currently worked at a family restaurant with the goal of qualifying an interview for voice acting but having a hard time to get it. Still she does her best and tries to build connection in order get even a small chance to act as a crowd or in a play. Then there is Misa who is currently working as a 3D designer and designing 3D models for cars for a well known company, but still she wasn’t able to fit in coz all they were allowed to focus on was cars and cars. Finally we have Midori, she is still a student in college but helps out her senpai’s in their work sometimes and her dream is to become a story writer.



Shirobako reminded me a lot of New Game! One focussed in making games while other on making anime. The best thingbabout both of them was that they taught us a little about how they are made and how much the staff had to go through to make their work a success. Shirobako was much better in my opinion. First reason was that there were not only female staff members but male as well while New Game only had female characters. Second, the workload seemed a little too light in case of New Game not to mention it only gave us a glimpse of character designer and programers. But Shirobako focussed on everyone who were involved in making the game from productiom assistant to the producer and director. Well they both may seem differnet, but each of them had people of certain talent to get the job done. The opening was light and amazing, it was like a slice of life of 5 highschool girls. No complains with visuals and background music too, personally I enjoyed it. I would recommend this series to those who wanna see how an anime is really made. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun.


『 SCORE ➤ 9.0 』

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