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Sora yori mo Tooi Basho

English Title- A Place Further Than The Universe

Japanese Title- 宇宙よりも遠い場所

Status- Aired

Airing Date- Jan 02, 2018 – Mar 27, 2018

Duration- 23 mins per ep

Producers- Media Factory, Movic, AT-X, Kadokawa, Newgin

Studios- Madhouse

Genres- Adventure



I was always a big fan of adventure stories with friendship and teamwork put together with complete determination and faith in order to chase an an impossible goal. Most of us had some sort of things we wanted to try out after entering highschool. For instance, staying active in class throughout the semester, making lots of friends and hang out after school, ditch classes and go out of campus and many other stuff. Well leaving the campus is one thing, but leaving the country, more like leaving the continent is something of a really large scale. Its something which we might never bring ourself to do, but something like this happened in this series. Four friends… Oh! sorry they were not really friends neither they were strangers too. They decided to go on an adventure to Antarctica with each of them having their own personal reasons. It kindof seems impossible, I mean going to a new city or town was one thing, but going to a country where you can only see ice and snow in all directions with not many settlements or life form is like the perfect recipe for trouble. But as they they, dream can’t be achieved if you back down from a challenge before starting, so lets check out what our protagonists had in mind to go all the way to Antarctica.



The story revolves around Mari Tamaki who just entered highschool with some goals in mind. But its been like an year and she hadn’t thought of anything productive or exciting. It all started a day when a girl passing by her dropped an envelop containing an amount of one million. Its surely a jackpot for those who were nearby, but our Mari was not the greedy, she wanted to get it back but lost track of her midway. Well good thing was she got a glimpse of her school uniform which was the same as hers and decided to deliver it back. Somehow she managed to find and give it back to her and came to know that she was saving this money so that she could go to Antartica just so she could find her missing mother. This girl went by the name Shirase Kobuchizawa, but everyone in the school called her Antartica since she always talked about visiting Antartica. For now people didn’t took her seriously but it wasn’t long that she got a chance to go their with three other friends after a lot of hard work. Just like her, the other three had some reasons to visit Antarctica too. Well it wasn’t easy to make something like this happen in a short time but she managed to join an expedetion team in their cruise to Antarctica. Not to mention the real fun came during their travel with so many exciting experiences and training.



Now lets talk about our main spotlight, Shirase Kobuchizawa. Shirase is a bit timid, shy and quite person who doesn’t likes to talk about unnecessary stuff. When she was in middle school, her mom went missing in an expedition in Antarctica and never came back. The search squad was also called off which made her worried and also determined to do the searching by herself. Since then she had this dream of going to Antarctica and for that she took a lot of part time jobs and collected a total of one million. She started to learn more and more about the lifestyle and atmospheric conditions in Antarctica with every passing day but there was a problem even after all this. Money was not an issue, but what she lacked was the resources to travel their. Thanks for a little cooperation from her friends she was able to travel along with some expedition teams as a reporter. Well she was beautiful and pretty knowledgeable about all this travelling stuff, but she was not good with interacting with a large group of people. She wasn’t even able to interact properly with her friends whenever she stood infront of a camera. Well those were some of her short commings but it was not something which could make her give up on going to Antarctica and did the best she could to find her mother.



Now lets talk about the other protagonists. First we have Tamaki Mari. Tamaki is a bit reserved and the type who doesn’t likes to break rules. She had some things that she wanted to try out but couldn’t do it coz she never felt motivated to do so. When she first met Shirase, she wasn’t sure to believe if she really wanted to visit Antarctica or not, but for some reason ahe felt that this is the chance for me to go on an adventure and make most out of my youth. She is clumsy and clutz but thats something everyon adore about her. Next we have Hinata Miyake. Hinata is the most lively and energetic among all of them and ofc the most naughty one too. She works at a convenient store and collects money for her college. Well unlike others, she didn’t got to go to school, but that doesn’t means she’s dumb. She gave her highschool certificate with an A rating. She always tries to cheer and motivate everyone else and most of all, she cares about everyones dreams. Finally we have Shiraishi Yuzuki. Yuzuki is the youngest among all of them. Since she was in kindergarten, she was always busy with her work as an actress and coz of that, she never got time to make friends. She was told to visit Antarctica so that she could record a documentary for the latest expedition. She wasn’t interested since she wanted to take a little break from her work and make some real friends, but thanks to Shirase and others, she got the determination to do the job on a condition that they’ll be tagging along with her too. Thanks to her, they all were allowed to join the expedition team. Well Yuzuki wasn’t experienced with being around friends so sometimes she doesn’t knows how to act in certain situations, but she tries to smile and have fun whenever she is around her new friends.



If you are not watching any anime this season and want to watch one which’ll give you the best experience, then this is it. At first after watching the first five episodes, I thought that the plot resembled a lot with Made In Abyss. I mean in both the series the main protagonists mother went missing, they went on an adventure to find her with some friends, then they met their mother’s closed friend who seem kindof harsh from outside but still cares from inside. Both of them may resemble in plot, the feel of fantasy and reality is way different. Now it may seem how can someone get this lucky to go all the way to Antarctica, but make no mistake, if you have started watching the series, you must have already noticed the hardships our girls had to went through so it wasn’t an easy journey. The visuals and background was amazing, it suited well with a soothing and relaxing feeling to it. The opening music was just amazing. It kindof makes you grasp the sense of adventure the girls are adventuring. Not to mention the OST’s are also so much in sync with the plot that sometimes it becomes a little too emotional. Well I would like to recommend it to those who are looking for some adventuring anime with CGDCT plus a little comedy.


『 SCORE ➤ 8.8 』

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