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Altair: A Record of Battles

English Title- Altair: A Record of Battles Japanese Title- 将国のアルタイル Status- Aired Airing Date- Jul 08, 2017 - Dec 23, 2017 Duration- 23 mins per ep Producers- Aniplex, GYAO!, Lawson Studios- MAPPA Genres- Historical, Drama, Fantasy, Adventure, Shounen ══════⋆✧☆✧⋆══════ ══════⋆✧☆✧⋆══════ Scenario How does it feels when you think you are the only survivor left in... Continue Reading →

Spice and Wolf

English Title- Spice and Wolf Japanese Title- 狼と香辛料 Status- Aired Airing Date- Jan 09, 2008 - Mar 26, 2008 Duration- 23 mins per ep Producers- Pony Canyon Studios- Imagin Genres- Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Romance ══════⋆✧☆✧⋆══════ ══════⋆✧☆✧⋆══════ What skills do you think it takes to become a good merchant? The first thing that might pop in... Continue Reading →

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